Skip Salad For Now, This Is Your Best Diet For Fall

Skip Salad For Now, This Is Your Best Diet For Fall

The Ayurveda Experience November 16, 2015

Fall is Vata season in Ayurvedic philosophy.

Vata and fall share the qualities of movement, change, dryness, cold, light, changeable, quick and irregular.

We have certainly seen very sudden irregular changes in the weather and the beauty of change in the colour of the trees. We are definitely feeling colder and there is movement in the air as the cool wind starts blowing.

Vata can manifest in our body and mind as dryness, anxiety, worry, achy joints, changes in our digestive patterns including constipation and even insomnia.

We can’t change our external environment or the stresses that come with it. But we can reduce the Vata aggravating qualities in our daily routine.

Your Best Diet For Fall

Enjoy the beauty, and the comfort and embrace change as we move through fall. Try these simple Ayurvedic tips to keep vata dosha calm and happy.

Skip Salad

Salads are cold, light and dry – all qualities that aggravate Vata.

Enjoy Soups And Stews

Stews, soups and warm foods are perfect this time of year.

Cook With Herbs

Add warming digestive herbs to your cooking: ginger, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, basil, fennel and black pepper.

Drink Warm Drinks

Try hot water, ginger tea (use fresh ginger), or herbal teas such as fennel, cumin and thyme.

Warm Oil Massage

My favourite: practise Abhyanga. Warm-up some good quality organic oil and give yourself a massage every day. Yes, this is a daily ayurvedic practice which not only gives us beautiful skin but also calms down Vata. Traditionally sesame oil is used as it is warming and a little heavy. But if that is too much any vegetable oil will do. Have a warm shower after to wash off the oil.


Practice yoga, go for walks (but wear a hat), dance, and do some Chi Kung.


Take time to breathe every single day. Start the day with a few rounds of conscious full breaths. Inhale and exhale.


Do an Ayurvedic Detox at home.

This article was first published on on 19th Oct 2015 and republished with permission.



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