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  • Discover the ancient science that gifts you a superior life through natural healing modalities, sustainable wellness practices and custom diet and lifestyle designs for your unique, individual self- Discover Ayurveda

    Discover the ancient science that gifts you a superior life through natural healing modalities, sustainable wellness practices and custom diet and lifestyle designs for your unique, individual self

    Discover Ayurveda

    *now with complimentary course completion certificates

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    Ayurveda All Access MONTHLY Subscription

    Now, get access to 17+ courses worth $2000 USD at less than 30¢ a day, billed  monthly! With FREE PDF Text Companions and INSTANT digital access! 

    Unique plan with access to over 70+ hours of HD video-based content, deeply-researched by experts in the field of Ayurveda and holistic health with overall experience of 100+ years!


    Ayurveda and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

    Manage your IBD disorder with authentic and proven Ayurvedic approaches, detailed in a 131-minutes long course. 

    Get ready with The Ayurveda Experience and give our online IBD course a chance to better your damaged gut microbiome which is a major root cause.


    Ayurveda and
    Auto-Immune Diseases

    Powerful Ayurvedic approach to manage 5 common Autoimmune Disorders

    Understand the Deep-Rooted Causes of Poor Health, Overcome Roadblocks to an Energetic and Healthy Life And Discover the Ayurvedic Wisdom on Preventing and Managing Autoimmune Conditions


    Ayurveda and Diabetes

    Ayurveda and Diabetes (Ayurveda on Root Causes, History, Management and Complete Reversal of all Diabetes types with deep dive on diet and lifestyle recommendations)

    Empower yourself to make the healthier choice today, so that the ‘sweetness’ is only in your ‘life’, not in your ‘blood’! 


    Effortless Weight Loss

    Ayurvedic Plan To Not Just Lose Weight But Also Feel Great
    Reprogram your digestive fire

    No crazy or extreme regimes, but a definite, deliberate, safe and effective Ayurvedic plan - a journey of transformation so smooth, you’ll actually enjoy it as much as the results


    Modern Ayurveda

    Any Yoga Practice is Incomplete without this
    “Get" the operating system of Ayurveda to Discover and develop the habits for longevity and dynamic aging

    You CAN make small changes and sync personal patterns with circadian rhythms to reverse engineer habits which in turn lead to a healthier body and a better aging experience.


    Ayurveda & Thyroid

    Heal your Leaky Gut to deal with Thyroid
    Get the 2-step Thyroid Detox and Thyroid Diet program to correct thyroid imbalances

    Discover the Ayurvedic Wisdom to help identify the Root Causes of Thyroid Dysfunction and Optimize Your Weight, Energy, and Health.


    The Kansa Course

    Enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being & longevity and relieve stress.
    A complete step-by-step, detailed guide on Kansa, on how to use the Kansa tools to achieve the best results

    Experience this Ayurvedic Secret to get an instant beauty enhancement and breathe new life into your skin to look younger, more alive and vibrant. Undergo a one-of-a-kind experience of healing, deep relaxation, complete rejuvenation and revitalization with revived energy 


    Ayurveda & Anti-Aging

    Plan your transitions from one stage of life to another in synergy with nature.
    Combining knowledge from Ayurveda, Chinese, and herbal medicine, this course is a composite approach to hitting the reset button on your life.

    Discover the unique perspective of holistic healing traditions on aging with specific techniques from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine to fortify yourself against accelerated aging and unnatural degeneration and maintain vitality, energy, and strength.


    The Ayurvedic Woman

    Experience symptom free health
    Ayurvedic strategies to amplify your happy hormones

    Explore Ayurvedic wisdom to ensure a smooth monthly cycle and healthy functioning of body tissue systems. Learn how to handle symptoms like cramps, painful periods, scanty menses, hot flashes, nausea, anxiety and other symptoms related to your reproductive system.


    Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga

    Watch Ayurveda’s Secret to Longevity Unfold Step by Step…
    Discover Your Body's Secret, Self-Healing Points And Learn To Activate Them Using Ancient, Ayurvedic Sagacity!

    A signature technique of world renowned practitioners Robert and Melanie Sachs, this is a very unique and effective, immediate-results oriented protocol. 


    Ayurveda & You

    Beginners Course in Ayurveda - Know all about the three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha

    Ayurveda & You is a perfect guide for Ayurveda newbies. In this introductory course, you will discover your unique dosha (body type) and learn how to make dosha-specific changes in your lfie to build your strength and correct your personal imbalances to work towards optimal health. 


    The Ayurveda Experience

    A basic course on the fundamentals of Ayurveda. 
    Perfect for beginners to learn the theory behind the science.

    What to eat, what to avoid, what is the right bodywork for you, which is the most suitable meditation technique for you, how to take care of yourself the natural way, the secret mantras to suit your needs - everything you can think of is right here!


    Ayurveda & Metabolic Syndrome

    An eye-opening program that shows you how to tackle and steer clear from the many diseases and ailments associated with Metabolic Syndrome.

    If you would like to enhance your family’s health naturally and holistically, if you’d like to learn a more targeted, effective way of healing your entire system, wake up each day with renewed energy, mental clarity and a sense of well-being, come and join Todd in strengthening your metabolic fire and changing your life. 


    Tibetan Shirodhara

    Learn Ayurvedic and Tibetan Protocols that make for a unique, unheard-of "Psycho-Spiritual" Massage experience. 

    Tibetan Shirodhara goes a step further and combines four Tibetan massage protocols (including Shirodhara) in a seamless rhythm, with each step being a stand-alone process which, when combined, yields amazing results.


    Ayurveda on Chronic Stress, Anxiety & Depression

    Discover Some Unheard-Of Underlying Causes of Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression And Address them Naturally

    Keep Stress-Related Disorders at bay and find the way to stay happy, upbeat and energetic. Avoid dangerous Psychoactive drugs, uncomfortable side-effects, and the disabling uncertainty and depletion of the emotional roller coaster


    Ayurveda and Brain Health

    Learn the Ayurvedic Secrets for Mental Health and Minimize the Deterioration of Your Brain as You Age

    Understand what a 'Superager' is, learn all about the MIND diet and explore the powerful concepts of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine for brain health with an MD who changes lives daily. If you learn how to really care for your brain and feed it the optimal diet and lifestyle, you can begin to quickly experience some positive improvements


    Sattvic Mind - Ayurvedic Secret to Mental Health & Emotional Bliss

    Discover the Ayurvedic Antidote to Mental Illbeing and Emotional Stress.

    Learn About the 3 Key Psychological Imbalances and How to Pacify Them NATURALLY, via Methods That Suit Our Modern Lifestyle! 
    Through this knowledge and the techniques for practical use of the knowledge, you will learn how to achieve a strong sense of self, accompanied with complete peace of mind.


    Holistic Nutrition 

    Use the hidden wisdom of food and food habits

    To build a healthier life and use it to fight lifestyle diseases. Boost health, happiness and immunity without the struggles of going on a diet or planning every second of your life. Also, learn to heal your body of pathological fears induced by anxiety, diabetes and heart diseases. 



    “Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar’s approach is practical and transformative. Effortless Weight Loss is not merely an innovative guide to diet and weight control but introduces the reader to the full scope of Ayurvedic knowledge and treatment for body, mind and consciousness.”

    -Dr. David Frawley Author of Yoga and Ayurveda

    “Dr. Suhas is an excellent teacher and a great presenter of Ayurvedic wisdom. One of the most practical programs to lose weight and improve your life.”

    -Dr. Deepak Chopra, New Age Guru

    “Dr. Akil has beautifully blended the ancient, timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic principles of healing with the light of modern medicine, integrated so that anyone can use it for his or her total healing.”

    -Dr. Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., internationally recognized Ayurvedic physician, Author of Ayurveda: Science of Self-Healing and Textbook of Ayurveda.


    “In my pursuit to find an Ayurveda teacher nearly two years ago, I came across Cate on an episode of her Yogahealer podcast..... Cate has a way of delivering information to her students that guides her students to be involved in their own healing process and/or learning experience, empowering them to apply the ancient wisdom lessons into their own lives with ease and grace. Honestly, I never knew that Ayurveda had so much to offer until I met Cate.”

    -Shelly Aaron, Rejuve Club Owner
    (On Modern Ayurveda)

    “Being on Dr. Akil’s program, I learnt to solve the root of disease and think from a preventive point of view ..... The best part about Dr. Akil is that he is interested in your spiritual and emotional health as well. He is interested in treating not just the disease but the whole person and that makes all the difference!”

    -Jeannie Hahne, Nurse
    (On Ayurveda and Thyroid Health)

    “Dr. Khirsagar’s unique approach will entice you with deliciously aromatic foods brimming with flavor that will not only enhance digestion but will also fire up weight loss for good!”

    -Ann Louise Gittleman - New York Times bestselling author of The Fat Flush Plan
    (On Effortless Weight-Loss)

    “What a wonderful learning experience I received from your teachings. Even more than the knowledge I acquired, I was blessed to meet such a special, caring and truly spirited person. You carry with you an authentic bright light that is continuously shining. You are a beautiful person with a full and open heart. I thank you.”

    - Anette Levine (On Marisa's teachings in Ayurveda and You)

    “I understand a lot more about how food has been affecting me and my family, and I so appreciate Todd’s myth- and trend-busting and the science behind principles, along with the honesty about what is done based on millennia of experience. Todd is one of the rare authors in the field of herbs and food as medicine in which my scientist husband has developed much confidence. Consider this high praise. His questioning of assertions made by some other authors has also trained me to be more critical in evaluating the material given. So, although I may not understand the chemistry involved, I follow the logic of it and my husband finds it very informative!”

     -Jacqueline Pagani
    (On Holistic Nutrition)