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    Ayurveda for Women’s Health

    The Ayurveda Experience October 08, 2015

    Ayurveda has recommendations to help alleviate PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome.
    In Vatas, PMS usually shows up as anxiety, insomnia, or lower backache. In Pitas, PMS manifests as hives, acne, irritability, and migraines. Kapha PMS results in fluid retention and bloating.

    By keeping your Dosha in balance with your Ayurvedic Lifestyle routine, you can help relieve some of these symptoms.

    In general, Ayurveda also has these suggestions:

    • Avoid salt.
    • Avoid saturated fats.
    • Avoid caffeine.
    • Avoid alcohol.
    • Enjoy foods rich in Vitamin A – carrots, cantaloupe, spinach, and sweet potato.
    • Spend time in the sun to absorb vitamin D.
    • Foods rich in vitamin C help to reduce stress– broccoli, sprouts, and orange juice.
    • Vitamin E helps with hormone fluctuations and depression – look for it in olive oil, sunflower oil, apples, and blackberries.
    • Calcium helps to prevent cramps and pain. Magnesium helps the body to absorb calcium. Foods with these minerals include leafy greens, beans, peas, tofu, spinach, and fish.
    • Practice yoga stretches, and take a morning walk.
    • Shatavri is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to help tone and strengthen the body, providing relief from symptoms of PMS and menstrual and menopausal imbalances.

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