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Poor Eyesight

Poor Eyesight

The Ayurveda Experience October 08, 2015

Eyes are considered to be the most important sense organ. It is the seat of Pitta responsible for visual perception. So any causative agent which antagonises this form of Pitta or envelops it, is responsible for diminished eye sight.

The causes of poor Eyesight or eye diseases:

– looking at distant objects for long (like drivers),
– looking at very minute objects for long, (e.g doing embroidery, sewing work)
— prolonged weeping,
– prolonged anger or grief,
– excessive smoking,
– excessive indulgence in sexual activity,
– having lots of sour food items,
– suppressing the tears,
– suppression of urge to urinate or to pass stools.

AYURVEDA has an elaborate account of eye diseases and their treatment covering a wide spectrum of eye diseases, the most common area of concern is the ever increasing power of the lens of the spectacles and the stigma attached to the use of spectacles in the first place itself (particularly the teens & young adults).

So can Ayurveda help in improving the Eye sight?
Luckily there are remedies which give good results in improving the eyesight and may even help one to see clearly without the help of spectacles.

Ayurvedic Remedies:

– Corriander leaf juice mixed with a little bit of honey.
– Dried powdered leaves of Gotukola 1 teaspoon taken with ghee and honey (in unequal quantities) twice a day
– Triphala to be taken with a little bit of ghee. Alternatively Triphala can be taken with a little bit of honey..
– Almonds, fennel seeds, sugar candy equal part by weight are taken and ground into a fine powder. 2 teaspoons of this powder taken at night with 2 cups of milk at night for about two months helps to improve visual acuity and may help to get rid of spectacles. For children half the dose is used.
– In the morning fill your mouth with water and splash fresh water on your eyes gently. Release water in your mouth once it becomes warm. Repeat 3-4 times. This refreshes the eyes and is advocated as a part of daily regimen by all Ayurvedic texts.
– Eye muscle exercises with palming of eyes are also helpful. For palming rub your hands vigorously for a few seconds. Close your eyes and cover with warmed up palms for a few seconds.

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