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No Coffee, No Cramps

No Coffee, No Cramps

The Ayurveda Experience March 23, 2016

When we lack rasa dhatu, the endometrium is not fully formed and is not moist – this makes it harder for the body to separate that layer. So making sure that you have adequate fluids in the body all month long is important.

Cramping is most commonly found in women who are vata dosha and, the last thing they need is a stimulant. So if you find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee when you really need to rest, you should stop and think. And, if you want to address the issue of cramping you need to curtail your caffeine intake.

Caffeine drives you out, depletes the rasa and leaves you with these monthly cramp.

Many times all our body needs is simply water. You could try out these many types of stimulating herbal teas that will drive you out the same way caffeine will. So you need to look for ways that you still have that level of activity but do not have a deeper level of exhaustion.

Here are some other Ayurvedic solutions to cramping:

  1. It is important that you have enough oils and moist foods.
  2. Intake of water should also be increased.
  3. You can add herbs called demulcents to water.
  4. Marshmallow or slippery elms will help hold water in the system and as you build rasa throughout the body, you build rasa in the endometrium and then when it is time for menstruation it is much easier for that rasa to pass.
  5. The week before your menstruation you want to take the cinnamon cramp bark and valerian tea. Taking it before your periods start allows your body to already be in a state of relaxation before the periods comes on. In this way you begin to address the symptoms proactively. You don’t have to wait to have cramps before you can take this tea. You can take this a week before your period and get around the experience of cramps all together.
  6. In the week before menses you can also apply the castor oil pack. Putting castor oil over the abdomen along with lavender and hot water bottle helps. Doing this a week before menstruation is another way to soften or warm up the uterus so that it’s ready for menstruation.
  7. Vitamin D is really beneficial for cramping as it supports the work of all the muscles of the body. If you are drinking caffeine in the form of coffee or sodas, you want to  limit that caffeine intake if you can avoid the cramps altogether.


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