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  • Scanty Menses Are Not Healthy

    Scanty Menses Are Not Healthy

    The Ayurveda Experience March 24, 2016

    If you experience cramping every month, you need to pacify vata because vata is the source of cramps and pain in the body. Now, vata’s might experience cramping but they may have scanty menses at the same time.

    Vata dosha people often produce very little rasa dhatu. Vata dosha women can be recognized by the menstrual flow. When the period is scanty it can become unpredictable. The scanty quality indicates that we are not building healthy endometrium.

    So what we want to do is to build that healthy endometrium throughout the month, but what can I do during my period, if I know I haven’t really build enough menstrual lining for days. To rebuild rasa dhatu, we need to take plenty of fluids. This will help in hydrating the body, clearing out the uterus and the reproductive tract.

    If you are experiencing cramping, then your daily exercise should include stretching. Stretching any muscle of the body will benefit all the muscles of the body.

    For everyone regardless of constitutional types daily exercise is important. If you do yoga asana practice or another type of exercise, or even a simple stretch, you are going to improve heat throughout the body. It will not only help in blood circulation, but will improve the quality of the rasa dhatu. Eventually, it will reduce the cramps.

    In acute phases,a cramp bark tea along with castor oil pack and warm water can be very beneficial to deal with cramping.

    Taking adequate oil in your diet is important. We want to make sure we are taking enough healthy fats and that we are limiting exposure to processed fats.

    Aim at getting all your fats from real foods nuts and seeds, consuming the fatty fruits like avocado or olives are really good ways to take fat. We can also take oils that are made from nuts and seeds of these fatty fruits.

    When we get our oil through our food, it becomes our medicine. The oils that we take in and the fats that we take in from the foods that we are eating end up holding water in our body. As we begin to hold that water in our body we begin to build the rasa dhatu throughout the body.

    In the case of scanty menses, you know that your tissues are dry. Fluids and oils help revitalise the dry tissues. Putting castor oil on your belly may not have an immediate effect, but it will warm up the region that is going to support the body in increasing the rate of menstrual flow. It’s not always easy to see a shift in the immediate moment in the acute expression of scanty menses by the changes you make in your diet. But continuing this over the course of a month is going to significantly change your menstruation.

    Make sure that you are having regular meal time. So the foods that you are eating are warm and moist and oiled. Include exercise in your day but don’t dry yourself out, don’t exhaust yourself with exercise. You want for your exercise to create a flow of ‘prana’ through your body but this should not leave you feeling exhausted, run out, dried out.


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