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  • How An Oily Self-Massage Can Make You Feel Better After Traveling

    How An Oily Self-Massage Can Make You Feel Better After Traveling

    The Ayurveda Experience December 21, 2015

    Many of us will be traveling this holiday. By the end of travel, we will likely feel exhausted and out of whack, but then need to jump right into the whirl of holiday festivities. At some point during or after our visit, we might be bloated, constipated or even sick.

    This is because travel specifically disrupts the flow of Vata in our systems. Vata is responsible for the smooth flow of movement, regulation and elimination.

    Travel is especially hard on Vata. Travel often requires that we sit in one position for a long time, carry heavy suitcases and bags, move quickly and then stop and stand in long lines. All of these are specific causes for disruption of Vata, especially for its function of eliminating wastes. Thus, many find their bowel function discombobulated during or after travel.

    If we are flying, these causes can be especially pronounced and jetting through the air at high speed is a sure recipe for extreme Vata aggravation.

    Then, when we get to our destination we engage in parties and gatherings where it’s easy to overeat and overdo, talk a lot and loudly, and eat a lot of foods that aggravate Vata. Dry crackers and chips, raw vegetable crudites, and foods that are heavy and rich like desserts and cream sauces are Vata aggravating. We stay up late and get up early. These things aggravate the flow of Vata.

    Self-Massage To Feel Better After Traveling

    Abhyanga (oil massage with warm oil) is the easiest thing to do to regulate Vata. But how do you do that when you’re traveling? Pretty easy, with some planning ahead.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Put your abhyanga oil into a 3.4-ounce plastic travel container. This will allow you to carry the oil in your carry-on luggage. Larger containers can be carried in your checked luggage.
    2. Seal the container by taping the gap between the cap and the bottle. Masking tape seems to work the best. Seal the disc or spout cap with masking tape too, so nothing can leak out. Wrap the bottle in either a paper towel (just to be safe) or a plastic bag and put it in your travel kit.
    3. The morning after you arrive, get some hot water in a cup and place your unsealed abhyanga oil bottle into the cup. It is important to not let the hot water level in the cup be above the oil level in the bottle. You can also open the top so that heat can escape. Most travel bottles are not that sturdy and will deform if overheated.

    When you are packing, pack an old towel, some old pajamas or a robe that you don’t mind being oily in, and some old socks. You can spread the towel on the floor to stand on while doing the abhyanga (to spare your host’s towels and floor) and then wear the old pajamas or robe and socks to pad about until you’re ready to take a shower.

    It’s also important to remember that if you don’t have enough time to oil your whole body, then you can oil the most important areas–your head, your ears, and your feet. I’ve found that wetting your hair, then applying conditioner, rinsing, then shampooing, seems to work best to get the oil residue out of your hair.

    Doing this every day before your shower will help you stay grounded and will counteract the effects of hectic travels and holiday whirl.


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