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Your Hormones & Your Health

Your Hormones & Your Health

The Ayurveda Experience March 11, 2016

Reproductive health is largely influenced by our hormones.

Vata effects on the hormones of the body is what leads to irregularity in hormone production. Vata dosha being like the wind sometimes creates a lot of movement that is going to end up with high hormones level and at other times deficiencies that are going to lead to low hormone level. This can result in irregular periods and PMS premenstrual syndrome along with anxiety, cravings and mood swings. These are going to  be reflective of the irregularity in the hormones especially at that time period right before the menses.

Pitta dosha’s effect on the hormones, pitta typically increases metabolism, so when the short term pitta dosha have high levels of hormones being released over time this is going to burn out the organ or can burn out the person with too much energy being pulled away from the system. So pitta may end up burning out glandular production, which means that they force the organ to produce too much of the hormone and the organ can’t meet the demand anymore and burns out.

Pitta may create a liver imbalance and liver imbalance leads to poor hormones stability. One of the five hundred function of the liver does is helping to regulate the hormones levels. When you have excess hormone levels in the blood, one of the liver’s job is to bring those hormones out of the blood and remove them from the system. If the liver is overwhelmed with other jobs that it has to do, it doesn’t clear these excess hormones out of the blood and we end up with hormonal imbalance that can lead to PMS.

Vata dosha PMS – anxiety, mood swings, variability
Pitta dosha PMS – anger, intensity, excess heat in the body
Kapha dosha PMS – overall stagnation in the system  

However, kapha dosha tends to have the ability to produce tissue but the tissue may interfere with hormonal stability and hormone production.

Hormones are individual proteins that have to travel through the bloodstream to find space where they are going to affect change. If the kapha dosha has over produced tissue in the body, it may be difficult for those hormones to find the right place to land. So we experience this effect of having periods with the sluggish onset as the hormones take longer time to drive the dhatu Agni up.

Kapha dosha’s PMS symptoms include bloating, heaviness in the body, lot of excess water retention. It is also likely they may feel melancholic or have nostalgia related to their past.


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