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Medo Dhatu & Dosha

Medo Dhatu & Dosha

The Ayurveda Experience March 10, 2016

The quality of the medo dhatus, the fats of the cells of the tissues, underlying layer of fat over the abdomen helps us to retain heat around the abdominal pelvic cavity.

Vata dosha tends to dry up medo dhatu. This leads to low levels of body fat which could lead to no ovulation, which may mean no menstruation, which leads to infertility.

Pitta dosha burns up medo dhatu and it does that by bringing heat into each of the subsequent layers. They also will end up with low body fat, leading to ovulation.

Kapha dosha over produces medo dhatu. Fats stimulates the production of oestrogen. High level of body fat may create a condition called oestrogen dominance. This oestrogen dominance means that we have too much oestrogen in relationship to the amount of progesterone. This can interfere in a number of ways creating PMS, menopausal system and a raft of other diseases.

Kapha dosha may create stagnation in the entire system that we didn’t interfere with fertilization. So we want to have adequate level of medo dhatu, we don’t want them to be deficient, but we also don’t want them to be excess.


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