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The Healing Power of Cloves

The Healing Power of Cloves

The Ayurveda Experience January 24, 2015

By Vedika Global Faculty Member Dr. Gunvant Yeola, M.D. & Ph.D (Ayu)

Clove (Latin name Syzygium aromaticum) is an aromatic, dried flower bud of a tree, which is abundantly used in biryanis(flavored rice dishes), especially in Northern parts of India. It is part of garam masala (a heating mix of spices), which gives aroma, taste, color, and acts as an appetizer.

Use of Laung(the Sanskrit term for clove) is mentioned in Ayurveda literature to increase agni(digestive fire), and ultimately to raise the level of heat in our body. Naturally, it is widely used in winter.

Everyday Uses of Clove:

1. A cup of warm chai(tea), which contains clove, ginger and lemon grass gives a soothing effect when one has the common cold, flu, and upper respiratory diseases.

2. For relief from toothache, clove oil-soaked cotton swab can be kept where pain is experienced.

3. Sucking on cloves is useful for freshening the mouth. It is commonly used in India for treating bad breath.

Clove’s Medicinal Uses:

1. Clove oil has great potency to provide immediate relief to muscle cramps. Apply clove oil gently on the affected area of the body, and then cover that area with a bandage or piece of cloth. Clove is commonly used in disorders of muscular and neurological origin.

2. Clove oil is also useful in severe Urticaria, to immediately counteract itching.

3. Kadha (decoction) of cloves and cinnamon is also used for expulsion of intestinal worms, as well as treatment for gas retention.

4. Cloves are rich in Vitamins A and C, and work as a strong antioxidant by strengthening the immune system.

5. Lavangodak,boiled water containing clove, is useful in anorexia (loss of appetite), fever, and rheumatoid arthritis because it digests ama (metabolic toxins).


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