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    Simple Practices for a Healthy Heart

    The Ayurveda Experience February 04, 2014

    Heart health might be the most important aspect of health in Ayurveda. The ancient Ayurvedic texts refer the heart as the home of the self, the center of consciousness and therefore the mind.

    This also includes feelings and emotions, among other things. In my experience, successful work with people with heart problems involves a change in their attitude toward themselves.

    Therefore, a healthy heart is a goal achieved by a significant shift in perspective. Without a change of attitude, minor improvements may come.

    But with a shift to a more kind, gentle, loving attitude toward themselves, people can experience total healing!

    Bringing the doshas into equilibrium through a balanced lifestyle and diet makes a significant difference in a person’s ability to shift their attitude. This is the way to a healthy heart.

    heart health

    Keep in mind that all the doshas may be imbalanced and contributing to the problem or it may be more focused on one of the doshas.

    Since the heart is the center for ojas (our vitality and immunity) and prana (our life force), it is critical that we keep the ojas and prana adequate and flowing in the body.

    A regular schedule of eating and sleeping is critical, as well as getting enough sleep. Anxiety, worry, and excessive stress disrupt the normal flow of ojas in the body which facilitates the flow of nutrients to the deeper tissues of the body.

    In Ayurveda, it is said that excess of work, sex, sadness, or overeating causes heart disease. These are all the things we have control over! These simple practices will make a huge difference.

    • Eat consciously. Chew your food until it is liquid and stop eating at your first burp! Then take a walk following each meal to aid digestion.
    • Pause 3 times a day and pause for 12 deep slow breaths. Smile to yourself and then move on with your day.
    • Use a mantra in daily life or in meditation. This enhances cellular vibration bringing balance and healing; even one minute can make a difference in how you feel.
    • Practice Yoga asana regularly with a kind and loving attitude! This brings great results. A great place to start is to choose 3 poses with appropriate breathing. Pick poses that twist the body as well as move the body forward and backward.


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