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Shirodhara Gives Complete Peace Of Mind + More

Shirodhara Gives Complete Peace Of Mind + More

The Ayurveda Experience March 19, 2015

Nowadays everyone from children to adults are living their lives like machines. No one has time to get relief from their day to day stress and tension and as a result, people are experiencing stress, insomnia, depression and loss of memory.  All of this can become the causative factors for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and many more life style disorders.

The best Ayurvedic procedure for relaxation and relief from the aforementioned symptoms is shirodhara.

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara Gives Complete Peace Of Mind + More

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic procedure that is an important part of the detox therapy for removal of toxins from our mind. Keeping our mind healthy is essentially important for prevention of any disease. Also mental relaxation is needed to cure any disease pathology. As Ayurveda has given equal importance to mental health, this therapy focusing on the psychological well-being forms an important part of detox therapy.

—The word shirodhara literally means: ‘head’ (shira) and ‘pouring’ (dhara).

Dhara or ‘stream’

—Shirodhara is the process of pouring a stream of warm liquids over the forehead of a person. Most commonly oils are used for this purpose. It is done for fomentation of head region to provide complete mental relaxation.

Shirodhara is essential in following conditions:

1.— Hair loss
2. —Graying of hair
3. Improper vision
4. Hypertension
5. Anxiety
6.— Depression
7.— Irritability
8.— Loss of sleep
9. Paralysis
10. Headache and many more..

The Procedure

—The patient lays down on a table with his palms facing up. Massage is done over head with medicated oils and then the stream of desired liquid is allowed to flow over the forehead of the patient. This session can last for about 1/2 -1 hr. This procedure is done in a calm room with soft music, candles and flowers for complete relaxation of the mind.

Medicines in Shirodhara

—Most commonly medicated oils are used for shirodhara  but it can also be given with decoctions, milk, buttermilk etc.— Medicines in shirodhara are determined according to one’s dosha.

Formulations for Shirodhara

—Jatamansi Taila: useful in hypertension, loss of sleep and other nervous disorders
—Bala Taila: used in cases of chronic headache due to aggravated vata dosha
—Bhringaraj Taila: useful in premature graying of hair, hair loss, etc.
—Takra: use of buttermilk for mental relaxation
—Chandanadi Taila: useful in chronic cases of fever, headache and burning sensation due to pitta dosha
We are also using Shirodhara treatment for the patients of Psoriasis on the scalp, with an appropriate herbal formulation in the oil, and getting excellent results.
Please note that this procedure or any Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment procedure must be done under the guidance and observation of a qualified Ayurveda Physician. These are not treatments for beauty parlors or wellness centers that do not have a qualified Ayurveda Physician.

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