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    Menstrual Symptoms & Doshas

    The Ayurveda Experience March 08, 2016

    Menstrual symptoms are directly correlated to that quality of rasa dhatu in our body.


    Vata Dosha Imbalance

    This means that the rasa dhatu is deficient in the body and, this may result in scanty period. This imbalance results in systemic dryness that means they may have dry skin, may lack savory secretion and mucous secretions. All the fluids of the body would be in deficiency.

    Because of the scantiness of the endometrial lining, one may experience cramping as the body uses those muscular construction to to break that endometrium lining free from the uterus and allow it to be sloughed off. This lack of the endometrium may also impede implantation so vata dosha creates deficiencies in rasa dhatu which may have implications on menstrual flow and fertility.


    Pitta Dosha Imbalance

    This brings more heat to the rasa dhatu, and the rasa dhatu becomes overheated. When the rasa dhatu is overheated the person may experience excess heat in the entire body. The period may be more intense with rapid flow especially at outset.

    The person may also experience an acidic mucosa that could impede fertility. When the woman is too acidic then the sperm are incapable of fertilizing the egg. With excess heat in the whole body, a pitta person feels hotter. This also impacts the quality of menstruation as the body uses menstruation as an opportunity to rid of body’s excess heat.


    Kapha Dosha Imbalance

    This overproduces rasa dhatu. Now when the rasa is in excess, the period may take a long time to start. With the earth and water as components of kapha, think of kind of a solid fluidic mass like mud or clay… it takes a long time to get that moving. So when kapha dosha is out of balance it may take a long time for the period to start and a long time for the period to end.

    Systemically they have excess fluids in the tissues and may experiencing swelling. Water retention is very common in the week before menstruation due to kapha imbalance. The long duration of menses may go upto 7 to 9 days and, then they may have stagnation in the system which could impede conception and implantation. Imagine if there is too much fluid travelling with the egg, it can become more difficult for the sperm to meet the egg.


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