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2 Life Changing Questions

2 Life Changing Questions

The Ayurveda Experience January 27, 2016

Find the ability to connect with your inner self, listen to the voice of your body and ask yourself openly:

Question #1 – How am I doing right now?

While this may seem easy and obvious, we are often too busy and have too hectic lifestyles to truly listen to our bodies.  Let’s imagine a situation when you are in the middle of some important activity or are enjoying yourself while your body is communicating its needs to you.  You understand its signals, you know what your body is asking you for, however you delay or ignore the request.  For example, when it is really late at night, you are reading a very enjoyable book or watching a show. You notice your eyes are closing and you are yawning loudly, but you still stay up reading more because you are curious what the next page will bring.  According to Ayurveda, in such scenario, two things happen.  First we suppress our urges, which brings us away from the balance and second, we commit pragya paradh or so called mistake of intellect.  And you guess well, it is not supporting our well being in any way.

After understanding to the voice of your body, now let’s take next step.  You want to connect with your emotions.  It’s time to ask the next question.

Question #2 – How am I feeling right now?

Sometimes we may feel lost, disconnected, lonely or frustrated and yet, all we need is to get some extra rest, talk to a friend, smile, receive a hug from a loved one, walk silently in nature or play with a pet.  Give yourself that gift of time to stop all activities and ask what would support you at the moment.  What do I need right now to feel better.  You already know the answers…

This article by Jitka Robinson was originally posted on www.jitkarobinson.com


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