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Ayurvedic Secret of Balance

Ayurvedic Secret of Balance

The Ayurveda Experience January 28, 2016

No matter what your age is, there are simple steps you can integrate into your daily routines to look younger and feel more balanced and healthier.

Your well being and happiness depends on your choices, you hold both in your own hands.

Ayurveda teaches us to follow simple intuitive daily ways to gain longevity and good health. It is essential to live in alignment with nature and its seasons.

I want you to imagine a little child.  Imagine that this sweet young baby is hungry.  Once in need to eat, the kid will ask for food and will eat very soon if the meal is available.  Ayurveda brings us back to our true nature.  It literally connects us with our inner being.  Listening to our needs is in fact an innate ability, we all naturally have it.  Somehow as we grow, we sometimes lose the connection and give ourselves reasons and excuses for not listening to our needs.

This article by Jitka Robinson was originally posted on www.jitkarobinson.com


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