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  • What’s Your Valentine’s Dosha? Ayurvedic Tips To Please Your Partner

    What’s Your Valentine’s Dosha? Ayurvedic Tips To Please Your Partner

    The Ayurveda Experience February 12, 2016

    I know what you are thinking. Is this a serious blog post? Can I really apply Ayurvedic principles to my Valentine’s Day date, and do I really need to?

    The answers are yes, yes, and no. You don’t have to apply Ayurvedic principles to your Valentine’s date. But Valentine’s Day is about having fun. So this post was written with fun in mind. And on a more serious note, applying Ayurveda to Valentine’s Day can give us a better understanding of how the basic Ayurvedic principle of doshas can be applied to all areas of our lives.

    In Ayurveda, it is all about the doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Simply put, doshas are body types. Do you know your dosha? Do you know your date’s dosha? This information can provide you with their unique characteristics and preferences, somewhat like a genetic blueprint. These preferences can give you an idea of what your date may or may not inherently like, and what would benefit their constitution.

    To get an idea of your dosha and your date’s dosha take this Dosha quiz. Make sure to do this quiz once for yourself, and then again by answering as if you were your date.

    When you know the dosha type of both you and your date, you can use the information to thoughtfully please your date (and yourself) on Valentine’s Day. Ready to go? Here are some ways you can apply Ayurvedic wisdom to your date.

    What color is best for the doshas?

    Decide on a color to wear that you look good in based on your dosha, or alternately what color your date likes based on their dosha. You can also apply these color preferences to things like what color paper to wrap your gift in or what color flowers to send.

    Vatas: They like warm soft shades like yellow, white, and blue

    Pittas: Think of cooling colors like cream, white, or pastel colors. Think of shades of colors found in nature like sea green, and sky blue.

    Kaphas: These people are not shy about colors. Choose warm and exotic colors like reds and oranges.

    Where should you go?

    Vatas: Choose an activity that appeals to their creative side. Make sure the environment is warm, quiet, and nurturing.

    Pittas: Somewhere very neat and clean is crucial, but make sure the room is dimly lit and not overheated. Background music should have soothing sounds of nature

    Kaphas: These people are more romantic than other doshas so make sure you take them somewhere very romantic. Make sure it is sunny and warm with upbeat music. The water is a plus.

    What gifts should you give?

    Vatas: These people tend to be very creative and like to explore their emotions. Maybe some art classes would be suitable.

    Pittas: Something practical like tickets to a favorite group or sports event. Be prepared to explain why you made that choice. Pittas like to think and talk.

    Kaphas: A framed photo of you and your love as a couple would be ideal to this most sentimental dosha.

    What scents are most enticing?

    Again a decision has to be made whether to wear a scent you like or one that your date likes. This can also apply to scented candles not just perfume or aftershave.

    Vatas: Sweet floral scents are usually liked by this dosha.

    Pittas: Light and fresh scents are preferred.

    Kaphas: Rich and exotic scents work well for this dosha

    What linens and bed covers are best for my sweetie?

    Vatas: Anything that provides warmth like flannel or down or raw silk for warm climates.

    Pittas: Think crisp, white, or natural colors with cotton blankets, nothing too warm even in the winter as this dosha type tends to overheat quickly.

    Kaphas: Warm, cozy blankets in rich colors and interesting and exotic colored sheets.

    So, now you see how easy it is to apply basic Ayurvedic principles to your Valentine’s Day date and have a little fun at the same time.

    Photo: Unsplash.com


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