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  • Vata Dosha Characteristics

    Vata Dosha Characteristics

    The Ayurveda Experience February 23, 2016

    The dosha, the word itself means fault.

    If you have doshic tendencies, that always pulls you to do things faster. When you do those things faster, you are going to get exhausted. If you have a doshic tendency that one should do things sharper and harder, and the more sharp and hard you go, the more you are going to burn yourself up.

    If you have doshic tendencies to be more lethargic and, the more you slow down, the more you indulge in those tendencies, and more slow and lethargic you become.

    When you live in alignment with ‘doshic’ tendencies you create disease. When you live and make choices opposite those tendencies to pacify those tendencies you create health.

    Vata Dosha

    Vata is the principle of movement. People who are of vata nature tend to move faster than others, they move in many different directions, they feel most comfortable when they are on their feet and headed to the next activity.

    The dosha represents itself through physical aspects, mental and emotional tendencies as well as common disease conditions or common challenges. The physical aspects of vata dosha: People who have a good amount of vata dosha in their makeup tend to be long and lean. If you going to draw a picture of this person you might want to draw a stick figure because of the body structure they have. They tend to be towards extremes very tall or very short. So they have got these long narrow frames.

    Mentally and emotionally vata dosha: They have a tendency to be anxious and worrisome because vata is always on the move and never right in this moment.

    When there is nothing to worry about in the present, they generate an imaginary ‘what if’ scenario. Everything is fine right now but what if everything changes. So the tendency of being anxious and worrisome is an aspect of vata imbalance.

    They may have difficulty concentrating. They may be easily confused and distracted not because they lack intellect but because their intellect and their mind is moving so quickly that it’s hard for them to be here in this moment without distraction.

    They also have a broad range of interests. They don’t like to go necessarily deep with something but they would like to have a taste of everything. They want to have new experiences, they want to see everything they can see and feel everything they can feel in a very short period of time because for them their life will only be fully lived if they go out and experienced as much as they possibly could.

    When they seek escape if they are overwhelmed in this moment, they might want to get away and what they do is they seek out another new experience, another moment, something else to invest their time in. There are many positive aspects of vata dosha, these people are fun, they can look at any situation and see the positive side of it. They are not caught up looking things in just one way. They are flexible and adaptable, they are creative. They can look at something and say how to use it in a brand new way.

    You want these people to plan your parties and you want them to show up for your parties because they make sure that everyone has a great time. They are quick-witted, funny and and open minded.

    When you explain your opinion to vata dosha person they are likely to agree fully with what you are saying and then when they are talking to someone who holds a completely opposite opinion they’ll agree fully with them too.  They do not feel the need to have really strong opinions. This can be difficult when it comes to decision making. They can’t decide because they have no criteria for decision. They will often wait and make a decision in the moment based on how they feel or based on intuition.

    Vata dosha may also present some challenges that are commonly experienced for vata dosha. Physically they may have poor digestion – gas, bloating, pain when digesting food and, they may struggle with elimination and constipation. In their body they may experience dryness like dry skin, dry eyes, dry throat or coldness where they don’t make enough heat so they often feel really cold. They are always carrying sweaters with them.

    Even on the nice warm day because they can have a hard time retaining the heat they generate. If vata dosha imbalance goes on for a long time the body begins to break down, they lose body tissue and that can lead to breakdown of body systems.

    So vata dosha imbalance begins in the digestive system, begins to create dryness in the fluids of the body and that dryness can lead to a deep dryness and destruction of the organs. Emotionally they have struggle with fear and worry and anxiety. The more overwhelmed they are by their life the more their worries take hold.

    Their tendency is to feel fear. Their action after they feel that fear is to worry about the plan. How can I avoid that fear in the future? When they feel like they can’t avoid that fear in the future,  they have anxiety.

    The other thing I have seen with vata dosha is that they are often involved reimagining the past or fantasizing the future. So vata dosha as the principle of movement has a tendency to want to move more and more.


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