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  • Sweet Summer Love: Ayurvedic Recipes + Tips For Warm Weather

    Sweet Summer Love: Ayurvedic Recipes + Tips For Warm Weather

    Ahh, don’t we all just wait for the warm, delicious rays of the sun to soothe away the winter?

    If you are a kapha (Ayurvedic earth and water body type) you spend your life waiting for the inspiring warmth of the sun. Summer is a time of outdoor fun, long warm nights in nature and inspiration that flows. The thing is though, we need to find ways to balance the heat.

    Ayurveda offers some really lovely ways of doing that and they all involve sweetness! I am delighted to share with you some juicy favorite Ayurvedic recipes and tips for body, mind and heart!

    1.  Sweet Ayurvedic Recipes For The Tongue

    How do you cool heat? With sweet! Add a little honey or raw sugar to your life with a healthy fruit salad or yummy sweet, sour and salty lime-aid!

    Ayurvedic Seasonal Fruit Salad Recipe

    Grab your favorite seasonal fruits – mangoes, berries, peaches – whatever you can buy off of a fruit truck! Chop the fruits up into bite size pieces then toss with the following dressing.


    juice of half a lime
    1 tsp of honey
    handful of chopped mint

    Stir it all together and enjoy!

    Lime-aid Recipe

    1 lime
    1/2 cup raw sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 1/2 liters of water

    Juice the lime and mix in the salt, sugar and water. Refrigerate and serve.

    2. Sweet Scents Of Summer

    Summer is scented with gorgeous flowers, fruits and herbs.

    Create a gorgeous massage oil filled with that yummy summer aroma to soothe skin, reduce pitta fire and send you into a state of dreamy bliss every time you wear it!

    Delicious Summer Body Oil Recipe

    3 cups coconut oil
    1/2 cup sesame oil
    handful of flower petals
    sprig of mint
    sprig of rosemary
    sprig of basil
    4 cups of water

    Simmer all of these ingredients on low heat until all of the water is boiled out. This usually takes a couple of hours. Test it by sprinkling water in the pot. When the water is boiled off the oil will spatter.

    Store in a beautiful container and apply before and after spending time in the sun. The coconut oil is very soothing and the fragrance is cooling and uplifting.

    3. Sweet Moments For The Heart

    Summer is a time of romance and joy and feeling young and free at heart.

    Take time to do things that bring your heart to life!

    • Write love notes to yourself and others on beautiful stationary.
    • Create an inspiration journal where you can write down creative ideas and then do one of them each day – you can use your journal all year long to bring a little summer joy into your winter months too.
    • Wear clothes that are pretty, light and made of natural fibers and spend time adorning yourself and appreciating your beauty. Twirl in the sunshine and bask in the beauty of the moonlight.
    • Create a meditation bath with fresh herbs, flowers and a dash of vanilla and meditate in the soothing waters. A midnight summer, candlelit bath is magical beyond words!

    When you take time out for soothing sweetness in the summer you will balance the fire or Pitta element. This means you will have a summer free from too much heat, anxiety and stress. Taking time out to focus on the beauty that nature is offering you helps you be in the flow of creativity and joy that this season offers.


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