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Self Care

Self Care

The Ayurveda Experience April 30, 2016

AYURVEDA explains that we are our own best healers. We know ourselves best, after all! We can educate ourselves and take control of and responsibility for our own health. How do we do this?

First of all, we tune in to our bodies. We start paying attention to the signals that it gives us. Our own intuition is an amazing tool to discern subtle health imbalances. We need to start trusting ourselves more. We can also follow nutritional & lifestyle guidelines to keep ourselves healthy and to develop longevity. When we start to see all the good that we can do for ourselves and our own health, we develop confidence in our self-healing abilities. The positive results that we experience for ourselves show us that we are strong, and capable.

AYURVEDA is a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellness that takes the individual into consideration when treating conditions and concerns of the body. Utilizing recipes and formulations that are dosha specific and free of any toxins or harmful ingredients you are able to treat the skin in alignment with its natural balance.
Creating a regular Ayurvedic Self-Care Routine will help you maintain a stunning youthful glow as well as create a daily ritual where you are taking time out for yourself and your mind body balance.


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