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  • Make Yourself a Mood Calendar

    Make Yourself a Mood Calendar

    The Ayurveda Experience March 17, 2016

    If you are experiencing any level of distress during the menstrual cycle, the first thing that you should do is to make a mood calendar.

    A mood calendar helps you track your menstrual cycle so that you can determine if it’s regular or irregular. Start by marking on your calendar the dates: When your cycle starts, count back to the number of days since your last period and put that number next to the date.

    If your cycle has a degree of regularity then your hormones also may have a good degree of regularity. This won’t show up with a great deal of calendar regularity unless you look at the mood calendar where you simply track the time from cycle to cycle.

    The next thing you can do is begin to be honest and evaluate the stress in your life. If you find yourself challenged with your hormone levels, look at the flow of your day… can you say that your day is fairly free of stress? Or are you constantly going from one stressful situation into next?

    When our lives are stressful, we tend to wake up stressed, have our breakfast in stress, drive to work stressed, spend our day at work stressed, come home from work and may be do something that generates even more stress. It is possible that we may even go to bed and have some stressful sleep.

    When you have excess stress in your life, you should try and eliminate stress wherever possible. Looking honestly at the stresses that you surround yourself with, you may find that there are somethings that could be taken out of your schedule to restore balance.

    If something that you are doing during the day is taking from your energy rather than refueling your energy you may want to consider a way that you can eliminate it.

    If your work is stressful, what you want to do in the morning is having a morning routine that gets me very grounded before going to work. Maybe you need extra time in the morning to get ready, try to do your morning routine in a way that’s restful to you. Maybe you need to take better break during your work days, so that you are not just going from one stressful situation into the next.

    The cause of stress might be your children, your partner, your job, but you need to look at stress and think how can you create islands of serenity around the stressors?

    You need to figure out what is it that you can do before work that will get you into a nice restful state of mind.


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