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What Dosha Is My Child (Fire, Earth Or Air)? An Ayurvedic Owner’s Manual For Kid’s Preventative Health

What Dosha Is My Child (Fire, Earth Or Air)? An Ayurvedic Owner’s Manual For Kid’s Preventative Health

The Ayurveda Experience July 07, 2017

Ayurveda or “Science for Life” is the science of understanding the self. Just as we recognize the “Doshas”, or constitutional make up that we all uniquely have, we can apply this principle to our children. By recognizing who and how they are manifesting characteristics, we can use Ayurveda to bring balance seasonally, and maybe…. just maybe, spend less time in the pediatrician’s office!

What Dosha Is My Child?

Knowledge of your child’s constitution is like the owner’s manual to your car. It’s crucial information. It’s important to remember that each model is different. What balances one, may do the exact opposite in another. When you look at children you see different types, personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

The Pitta Or Fire Child

What dosha is my child? The child that is physically active, driven, competitive, has red, brown, or blond hair, perhaps freckles, a warm body temperature, a sharp intellect, and good digestion is a Fire, or Pitta child. They flush easily.

They don’t miss much due to their sharp eyes. They know what they want, and will achieve it. Early to walk, and reach developmental markers quite easily. They do well at sports, and are the leaders of their peers. They are cranky when hungry, and are often insatiable. When they are over heated, or push themselves too hard their heat gets the best of them. They may be prone to irritability, anger, rashes, skin problems, loose bowels, overheating, and visual problems. That competitive drive can become a mean streak, especially when they don’t get their way! Fire children need time to rest, time to be in nature, time to find stillness.

The Earth Or Kapha Child

What dosha is my child? The Earth, or Kapha type child is solid. Their bodies are more round, and overall are easy going and very happy. They are strong, have a good immune system, thick hair. They may be slower at achieving things, but are observant and will surprise you with their retention of memory. They are they child that may be late to crawl and just pull themselves up to walk. Big eyes, long lashes, and more subcutaneous fat.

Loving and giving, the Earth child is the easygoing baby. They tend towards more mucous, and if allowed to become out of balance by being chilled or wet, they tend toward respiratory problems like colds, asthma and congestion. Avoiding cold, harder to digest foods and sweets is a necessity. Because these kids are so laid back, they need stimulus and movement to keep both body and mind active or they may become apathetic.

The Air Or Vata Child

What dosha is my child? Air, or Vata children exhibit just that physically. They are lighter of body, and appear more delicate with long limbs and fingers. More mobile, often wiry. Early to walk, and talk. They are those babies you see moving very quickly. They have less body fat, and often may have drier skin, and more thin or scant hair. These are the children that enjoy art and music. They tend towards running cold, and warmth suits them. They also need to be adequately hydrated. When they are out of balance, they can become congested, have dry skin or eczema, constipation, and sometimes startle easily or have fears. Their focus may wander when air is high. These children need to eat light, frequent meals, get enough sleep, and really can benefit from a foot massage with lavender lotion at night, heavier covers, and less stimulus. They need a calm, nurturing environment to be balanced.

Maintaining Good Health

I will always remember this scene. It is February in the Northeast and the children in my Yoga class are arriving. Next door is a frozen yogurt place. A cold, wet, gray day. One of my students, a young man about eight years old arrives. He has a rounder body, somewhat over weight and is congested. Freckle faced and tow-headed, he keeps sniffing and pushing his glasses up. In his hand is a frozen smoothie treat.

Now, after reading this, you may guess this child has an overabundance of Kapha in a Kapha season. The congestion and heaviness signifies that the scale has tipped, and to bring it back we need to use Fire and Air to give lightness and warmth.

This child needs warm, lighter foods and stimulating activity. The most aggravating thing would be to give this child cold, heavy wet foods and excess sweets.

If you start to recognize your child’s dosha, you can seasonally adjust their diet and lifestyle to keep them aligned with the seasonal balance. In doing so, you’ll create a picture of a happy, healthy, balanced child and let them shine like the diamonds they are.



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