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  • Summer Of Ayurveda… Take Your Summer Wellness Regime To The Next Level

    Summer Of Ayurveda… Take Your Summer Wellness Regime To The Next Level

    The Ayurveda Experience July 07, 2017

    This summer Ayurveda is the lifestyle regime you need to try. A total cool down of emotions, body and spirit, with simple diet and lifestyle tips will prove you’ve found a smart science that knows a thing or two about living well.

    There’s so many Ayurvedic at-home remedies and preventative care tips for summer. With a little Ayurveda know-how, this is bound to be your best summer yet.

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    Ayurveda = Vitality

    Ayurveda is the ancient medical science of India. It means ‘science of life’ or ‘science of vitality’. And who doesn’t want to feel healthy and alive?

    Ayurvedic wisdom is full of information on what to eat and what not to eat, how you should eat and what to do daily to maintain good health.

    Finding Your Balance

    In Ayurveda, health is a balancing act. Each of us is composed of some combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the three Ayurvedic doshas. When in balance, these doshas exhibit perfect health. Out of balance, symptoms begin to develop. Left unattended to, symptoms can turn into full-blown disease.

    Summer is Pitta season. Pitta is composed of the elements of fire and water. Vata (fall season) is composed of air and space. Kapha (winter season) is composed of water and earth. In summer, the heat from the sun dries and warms the environment around us. It also dries and warms the environment within us. What to watch out for?

    Summer Health Problems

    You’ll likely see skin rashes, sunburns of course, hot tempers and dehydration in summer. Digestive discomforts like ulcers and heartburn may flare.

    Indigestion, acid reflux and nausea are other common Pitta symptoms you may notice in yourself or your loved ones. Overall, it’s an increase in heat or Pitta that the body is demonstrating. Emotionally, anger may rise as well as irritation and frustration.

    What can you do to stay healthy? Depending on your dosha or Ayurvedic body type, you should follow an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to maintain a balance of the five elements.

    Take the FREE dosha quiz to determine your own unique constitution or prakriti and find the diet and lifestyle that’s best for you.

    Summer Ayurveda Diet

    Regardless of your constitution, we all need to keep cool in summer. Follow a Pitta pacifying diet. Choose cooling snacks that calm Pitta dosha, avoid alcohol and hydrate with cooling, nourishing beverages. Avoid smoothies (what?) which can wreck havoc on the digestive system. Stay away from sour fruits, fermented drinks and foods, and spicy foods that overheat the system.

    Experiment with Aloe Vera as a remedy and cooling drink (yes!). And ease eye strain from work stress with eye exercises and eye relaxation tips.

    Rose is your dear friend in summer. It will soothe the emotions and there’s so many ways to use it. Make a cooling Rose Lassi or Rose Petal Milk. Enjoy seasonal vegetables like corn and okra and cool off with watermelon.

    Summer Ayurveda Skin + Body Care

    Keep your Pitta dosha cool with a soothing Ayurvedic self-massage, stay out of the hot sun around noon time and try a cooling foot balm on the soles of your feet at night when bedtime calls you to unwind. In summer Ayurveda is really lovely as it shows you how best to care for yourself.

    Be gentle with your hair. Choose an Herbal Hair Cleanser and don’t contribute to dry hair problems by over-washing.

    For summer skincare, treat yourself to cooling and soothing Ayurvedic skincare products like Ajara Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter. Take total care of facial skin with Ajara Ayurvedic facial kits for sensitive skin or if you’re prone to it, rosacea relief.

    Oily skin types will find skin balance in these products. And mature, dry skin types will find relief here.

    Summer is time for relaxation and enjoyment. Don’t push yourself too hard, avoid competition and stay cool!

    Are you new to Ayurveda or have you been dabbling in it for some time? Please share with us in the comments below… What cooling Ayurvedic tips will you try this summer?



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