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  • Vignyanamaya Kosha: Cultivating Discernment With Ayurveda

    Vignyanamaya Kosha: Cultivating Discernment With Ayurveda

    The Sanskrit language has so many words for the mind. Ayurveda is a science that recognizes so many layers of the self. This science has taught me that illness may live in the mind, the emotions and in the ancestral layers as well.

    One of my favorite layers of the five layers of self is the Vignyanamaya Kosha or discernment layer. Gnyana means intelligence but vignyana means discernment. The Vignyanamaya Kosha is one of the five layers of the aura or five koshas. It is the second most subtle.

    The Sattvic Mind | Vignyanamaya Kosha: Cultivating Discernment With Ayurveda

    The Koshas

    The Annamaya Kosha, or that which is created by food
    The Pranamaya Kosha, or the energy layer
    The Manomaya Kosha, or the emotional layer
    The Vignyanamaya Kosha, or the discernment layer
    The Ananda Maya Kosha, or the layer of bliss that is fed by spiritual connecting

    The Vignyanamaya Kosha

    The thing I love about this kosha is that it sits between the heart or emotions and the connection to God or higher self. It is discernment therefore, that transforms us from a being guided by emotions into a being who is capable of living a higher purpose connected to bliss.

    Often times our ancestors pass down their beliefs, and we see the world through a lens of these beliefs. It is one of our biggest tasks to refine our knowledge or beliefs into true wisdom through discernment.

    There are so many beliefs that are passed down by culture, religion, society. We are constantly required to decide what we believe to be true.

    Developing Clarity With Ayurveda

    Ayurveda offers us many practices to help us develop clarity. Shirodhara is one such example. The pouring of oil or milk in a steady stream over the forehead helps clear away anxiety and brings us into contact with deeper layers of our mind.

    The Sattvic Mind: Vignyanamaya Kosha: Cultivating Discernment With Ayurveda

    Marma or acupressure therapy involves the massaging of key points to help silence the lower or fear based mind so that the higher or discernment based mind can be accessed.

    Herbs like vetiver, brahmi and vacha mixed in ghee help build the brain and shield the nerves so that we can relax and connect to confidence and clarity.

    Meditation helps to relax all of the layers of self so that we can really connect to bliss and enjoy deep healing.

    As we strengthen the nervous system and clarify the mind we are able to shift from being a reactive being to a contemplative being. We build up our confidence and become more able to live in the moment and see the truth. Healing the mind and heart helps to build a strong mind that can connect us to our intuition and enable us to follow our life purpose rather than falling under the spell of fear and confusion.

    Healing the Vignyanamaya Kosha reduces anxiety, stress, nervous issues and pain. Discernment is the key to unlock clarity and power.


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