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  • Traits of Kapha Dosha

    Traits of Kapha Dosha

    The Ayurveda Experience February 26, 2016

    Kapha dosha works on the principle of stability. If you are a kapha dosha person you may find yourself attached to the same routines every day.

    Kapha dosha people tend to find comfort in doing the same things and upholding traditions. Your friends and family may look at you like the glue that holds the relationships together. Physically kapha dosha tends to be more voluptuous in their features.

    While pitta dosha has a more hourglass kind of a shape, the kapha dosha tends to have rounded features. They are well endowed with full bodily features, a very soft touch, and a lot of fluidity. They tend to be short and stocky or have bones. Their height varies from short to medium. They usually have thick and luxurious hair.

    Their frame is endomorphic, which means they have got rounded quality of fullness to their features. Mentally and emotionally kapha dosha has a tendency to get melancholy, and sad. They often have a strong longing for the past. They form deep and strong relationships with people, places, and things and they invest their time and energy into maintaining these.

    Kapha dosha people have a difficult time self-motivating, finding a way to get themselves off the couch, and doing the things that they want to do in the world. Even though they want to do them, (because of a lot of earth and water) moving kapha dosha can be like moving a mountain.

    They tend to feel very deeply, as they also think deeply. They don’t like to go on to the next step until they have fully figured out the first step. For a vata or pitta person, this approach can be translated into slowness. But for kapha it’s not that they are slow but there is a fullness to their understanding. and they like to totally understand something before they feel comfortable proceeding with it.

    They can be sentimental and, emotionally expressive. They may need to escape from the present moment because everything is changing too quickly around them. They like to revisit the past, read an old familiar book, watch an old familiar movie or go to their secret and familiar place to revitalize.


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