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Stimulate Your Energy With Foot Massage

Stimulate Your Energy With Foot Massage

The Ayurveda Experience June 28, 2016

Ayurvedic Massage typically uses warm sesame oil, or a blend of oils and herbs specifically to balance your particular dosha.  A foot massage can be a self-massage, or you can indulge your partner.  

The Ayurvedic foot massage technique doesn’t involve deep muscle massage. The goal is to stimulate the subtle energies of the marma points and nadis (similar to acupressure points) in the body.  Start with the right foot, then repeat the same steps on the left.

5 Step Ayurvedic Foot Massage

  1. Start with the point located in the middle of the arch of the foot. Massage this area with your thumb. It is good for the heart.
  2. Using the thumb, massage the point located in the middle of the underside of the big toe. This area regulates hormonal activity.
  3. Starting with the big toe, massage the underside of the base of each toe.  Then massage each toe all around by gently pulling upward from the base to the top.  Each toe corresponds to a major organ: brain, lungs, intestines, kidney, heart.
  4. Now work on the top of the foot.  Using both thumbs, massage the groove between the base of the big toe and the second toe.  Massage up toward the ankle until you feel the bone.
  5. Now hold the foot with both hands and massage upward from the toes to the ankle.


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