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  • Hello Curves- Why you Should Celebrate your Kapha Nature

    Hello Curves- Why you Should Celebrate your Kapha Nature

    The Ayurveda Experience June 20, 2016

    Kapha Dosha’s got a bad rap these days. So I’m here to set the record straight on behalf of all Kapha women everywhere. Don’t deny your Kapha nature, embrace it!

    First, let’s start off by clarifying something very important about your kapha nature…

    Kapha is NOT defined as large & lazy like most people think upon hearing the word itself. Far from it.

    Kapha is not a descriptive word, one specific feature, or even a shape or a figure. It is a concept that has no perfect words to describe it in our lacking English language. We do the best we can, but it’s gotten mixed up with some bad press these days.

    Our organized minds want to give it some sort of exact shape and form, compartmentalize it, label it and put it in a ridged box. Well, our minds like to do that with everything, not just the doshas.

    The doshas are beyond shape and form. Each of us has a very unique combination of ALL of the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) and that is far from a negative thing. It’s just how it is.

    So when someone is denying their beautiful, unique constitution, they are in essence denying an important understanding of themselves.

    All too often, I hear beautiful, sexy, KAPHA individuals (mostly women) on the offensive at the notion that they could have an even remotely Kapha “label” in their mind / body makeup.


    Because the little information that they’ve heard about Kapha makes them think that Kapha individuals are ALL overweight, hoarders with a tendency to laziness and lethargy. Slow, dull, heavy, slimy and the works.

    Well, I am here to tell you that a balanced Kapha is a wonderful place to be.

    Embrace your Kapha Nature, all of it.

    We cannot deny our unique constitution, but we can try to understand it on a deeper level. We already know that in Ayurveda, nothing is a “one size fits all” solution. So why should Kapha dosha be any different? We are all unique combinations of the tri-doshas, so each of us has some of that Kapha to be played with.

    We should all embrace our Kapha nature.

    Christina Ricci, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie are all beautiful, smart, super sexy Kapha dosha dominant woman.

    Kapha, just like Vata and Pitta, does have a side that we would rather forget. That is just the nature of things. We tend to focus more on the unfavorable aspects of Kapha, as they are more physical for Kapha than any other doshic imbalance. We are indeed a society that puts much importance on the physical.

    Instead, if you have a Kapha predominant constitution try to understand what that really means.

    It means that when in a balanced state, you are a loving, kind, good-natured, joyous & sweet person. Calm and centered in mind, emotions and body, and someone who everyone wants to be around. You have big beautiful eyes, amazing skin, and you will not age like your counterparts of the Vata predominant nature.

    In good health, you’ll have that amazing skin well into your 70’s and 80’s. How about that!?

    Love yourself, no matter what your dosha. Kapha woman, you should be shouting from the rafters that you are strong, beautiful, loving and naturally centered individuals that never get old!

    Don’t deny your Kapha nature, embrace it!



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