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    Say No to PMS

    The Ayurveda Experience March 26, 2016

    PMS is a sign of hormonal irregularity and it’s often a problem related to stress. It may manifest in a number of ways. If you are a person who experiences PMS it may be due to vata, pitta or kapha.

    In both vata and pitta PMS is the causative factor of stress. When you are approaching PMS, it maybe a good idea to withdraw yourself from all the stresses. The stress may be caused because of doing too much and having too little time or too little attention to self-care. Make sure you do enough self care to bring the energy back. You may relax with music, indulge in guided meditation or connect back to nature. Sleep Yoga

    One way you might want to  do this is with the guided mediation. There is technique called yoga nidra, where there is guided that takes you into a deep and restful space. It imitates the brain wave pattern that we have during sleep and that’s why it’s calm. Yoga nidra which means sleep yoga.

    It’s said that one hour of yoga nidra is equal to 4 hours of sleep. So by incorporating an hour or half hour of yoga nidra in your day is a way to revitalize yourself to make you deal with the stresses you face.

    Connect With Nature

    Spending time in nature is another great stress reducer. We live inside houses with the electric light and cement around us. We often have this disconnect between our physical body and the natural world. The more we have this disconnect the more stress we are under.

    When our physical body is operating at a different pace than our mental and emotional body we feel the stress. Your mind may be distracted with work and accomplishment and success, your physical body may be exhausted because of the things that you have been doing every day.

    By taking time to go into nature could be sitting in nature, it could be taking a walk in nature, it could be sitting on a bench in a park and looking at nature. By simply allowing yourself to have your mind and body move with the pace of nature can be deeply restorative.

    Prioritize and make sure that you are on your own priority list. For instance, if you know you are going to drive a car for many miles, you make sure there is sufficient fuel in the gas tank. Similarly, in the context of our body, we must be careful of how much demand we put on our body every month. If we over stress, then we pay the price the week before our period with PMS.


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