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  • Copper: The Next 'Fountain of Youth'?

    Copper: The Next 'Fountain of Youth'?

    The Ayurveda Experience September 07, 2023

    In our eternal quest for the elixir of youth, countless remedies and miracles have been sought after throughout history. From mythical fountains to magical potions, the allure of eternal youth has captivated the human imagination since time immemorial.   

    Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine and wellness, has long revered copper for its remarkable healing and rejuvenating properties. For centuries, wisdom and knowledge has been passed on how copper products can combat the effects of aging. Legend has it that queen Sheba was gifted copper by king Solomon and from it created a paste which she applied to her face and body for rejuvenation. Similar legends exist invoking Queen Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti, both known for their great beauty and vitality. All these stories and legends may leave you wondering- Is copper actually the solution to your skin problems that you’ve been ignoring all this while? 

    What we do know is that the benefits of copper are endless. Ancient yogis and gurus have been telling us that for centuries. In Ayurveda, copper is one of the most widely used metals. Many therapeutic treatments incorporate copper’s antimicrobial properties, including: 

    • Ushapan: morning water therapy using a copper vessel1
    • Daily tongue-scraping with copper scrapers2
    • Medicines in the form of tamra bhasma3
    • Copper basins for therapeutic therapies4
    • Kansa Wand marma massage

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    What makes copper so special? 

    Copper is an essential micronutrient, antimicrobial, and antioxidant. It helps synthesize keratin and produce collagen, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes while boosting skin regeneration5. Furthermore, copper aids in the production of melanin which prevents premature graying, sunburns, and vitiligo. Apart from this, copper is essential to wound healing, as it promotes growth of new blood vessels5. 

     Drinking water in copper vessel is good for skin health

    Fun Fact: The beauty industry has already embraced the benefits of copper for skin rejuvenation. Look closely at many anti-aging products. Even in the latest shapewear, you will find trace amounts of copper in their ingredients and materials5

    But do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars to get a ‘trace’ of copper? 

    One sure way to get sufficient, safe amounts of copper in your diet is to incorporate the age-old Ayurvedic practice of drinking water from a copper vessel6 This daily, mindful practice will provide the body with a great boost of copper micronutrients. 

    You can also find copper in a wide variety of foods, although normally present in small amounts. Couple those healthy, fresh foods with your daily dose of copper water and you’ll surely reap the benefits inside out. 

    Fun Fact: Research conducted on the presence of copper oxide in pillowcases determined that copper’s presence in the pillow covers significantly reduced the number of wrinkles and crow’s feet/fine lines in individuals5. 

    Some great sources of dietary copper include8,9,10: 

    • Seafood
    • Nuts
    • Legumes
    • Leafy greens
    • Spices like black pepper, fenugreek, ginger, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon coriander leaf, dill, mace, curry powder
    • Fresh and dried herbs such as chervil, marjoram, tarragon, and thyme.
    • Potatoes
    • Dark unsweetened chocolate
    • Millet
    • Whole wheat pasta
    • Sunflower and sesame seeds
    • Raw avocado
    • Cashews
    • Lowfat greek yoghurt

    leafy vegetables and seafood are good source of copper in diet for healthy skin and immunity

    Fun Fact: An average adult human consumes about 1 mg of copper every day in the diet out of which about half gets absorbed7

    Remember, the fountain of youth is not going to be a shortcut at the bottom of a makeup bag. It is a journey requiring a mindful lifestyle with proper hydration, a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and a restful mind.  

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    From promoting youthful and radiant skin to bolstering our immune system, copper emerges as a powerful ally in our quest for everlasting youth. But beyond its physical attributes, copper has a deeper significance. It reminds us of the ancient wisdom that lies within Ayurveda, a holistic approach that embraces the interconnectedness of our body, mind, and spirit. Just as copper helps balance the doshas within us, it symbolizes the delicate equilibrium we strive to achieve in our lives as well. 


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