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Ayurvedic Food Guidelines

Ayurvedic Food Guidelines

The Ayurveda Experience January 08, 2016

Food is the basis of our life, so we must eat healthy food. Eating healthy is essential to have a good life. Hence, the food must be prepared in a manner that it retains all the nutrients of its ingredients. Food nourishes us to give us health in various dimensions.

An Indian kitchen is a complete ‘Ayurvedshala’.  The food must be cooked in a manner to make the food more digestive, nutritive and at the same time eliminative.

For example whatever we eat, the leftovers have to be washed away and there may be some harmful substances coming out with it, and they should also be neutralised in such a manner that they don’t harm us when they are excreted through our breath, sweat, urine or feces.
It’s well described in Ayurveda that “you are what you eat”. In modern times it’s essential to understand the advantages of traditional cooking techniques of organic nutritious diet as per body type.


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