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  • 5 Effortless Skincare Tips To Manage Persistently Dry Skin

    5 Effortless Skincare Tips To Manage Persistently Dry Skin

    The Ayurveda Experience July 29, 2023

    Dry skin can be both frustrating and distressing, robbing you of your natural complexion. Most of us have dealt with dry skin issues and know this feeling. It’s important to know that dry skin is more than just an external problem of the skin. The 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda suggests that dry skin is actually an indication of an imbalance of Vata dosha which is a common imbalance that can be managed with the right diet and lifestyle. Dry skin is usually described as rough and flaky skin texture, which becomes worse under low humidity conditions. It may or may not comprise of sensations of loss of elasticity and itch. 

    Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner or Ayurvedic Health Counselor to learn the right diet for you. In the meantime, get some relief from the itchiness and scratching with these simple tips. Start today for beautiful, smooth, soft-to-the-touch skin. 

    1. Read your labels as closely as you would read any good article or book

    Did we say read? Yes, we did indeed. Is alcohol listed anywhere on the ingredient list? If so, then this product is not helping your dry skin problem. Using an alcohol-based product to help with dry skin might prove to be a blunder. The word "alcohol," used by itself, refers to ethyl alcohol. Cosmetic products that are labeled "alcohol free," may use other alcohols in their formulations, such as cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl, or lanolin alcohol. These are called fatty alcohols, and they work quite differently on the skin as opposed to ethyl alcohol.  The bottom line, it is always a good idea to check the ingredient list to always be aware of what you’re putting on your face or body. For the purpose of taking precautions, it is always advisable to change over to a non-alcohol-based product. If you are having trouble finding non-alcohol-based products, natural handmade products are a great way to go. You can also search the beauty aisle of your local natural foods store. 

    1. Exfoliate

    Exfoliate for beautiful skin and remove dead skin cells

    Exfoliation is the removal of dry, dead skin. Your body usually does this naturally, but as we age this process may get slower, resulting in buildup. In dehydrated skin, the lack of moisture leads to fissures in the cellular barrier, making your skin texture tight and stretched. With the help of an exfoliant, the dying skin cells are removed, and this helps them retain their moisture. Any exfoliation should be gentle on the face, and slightly more aggressive on the body.  

    For the face, use a facial scrub. For the body, use a natural bristle brush with natural soap. Now about your feet - it is best to use a pumice stone, or an exfoliation tool right after your shower or bath.

    Remember to always test the exfoliating product before using it to test if it suits your skin. Avoid rubbing it on your face, it's always best to dab and then rinse. Rubbing will loosen your skin and cause wrinkles. Rinse with cold or warm water. After exfoliation, use a good moisturizer containing antioxidants and vitamins. 

    Try the 2-in-1 scrub and mask Oatmeal Nutmeg Smoothifying Exfoliator (For Dry/Vata Skin) to deep-cleanse dry, dehydrated skin looking skin! 

    1. Oil Your Skin

    If you want to use the best product for your dry skin, generally it will be an organic, plant-based natural oil. Ayurvedic choices to assist in balancing the dryness would be peanut, borage, sesame, avocado, olive, or almond oil. They act as a protective barrier to the skin to help retain moisture. These oils help nourish the skin and lubricate it in a way that a regular lotion does not. If you are using oil for the face, apply only a few drops to your fingers and rub onto damp skin. If you are using a facial moisturizer, you can apply it over damp skin, after cleansing. For the body, apply your moisturizer of choice after your bath or shower on damp skin also. 

    1. Try Abhyanga

    Simply defined abhyanga is the oiling of the body. Abhyanga not only relaxes the body but also lubricates the skin and can contribute to your overall health. By massaging the oil into your body, you are increasing circulation and blood flow to the skin. This greatly improves the appearance of the skin. How often should you do an abhyanga routine? Every day is suggested, but if this is not possible then once a week is still beneficial.  

    Get glowing skin with Abhyanga - Ayurvedic body oil massage

    For better abhyanga experience, perform your massage with a Kansa Wand, an all-natural, non-electronic (no batteries, no wires) massage wand for a calm, relaxing, and spa-like experience, that works wonders to give you a youthful look. 

    Crafted in a light, small size, it’s very easy to work with even if you’re using it for the first time and even more convenient to pack when you’re traveling. Kansa works like magic to give your face a toned look and it helps reduce the look of puffiness and the signs of aging! 

    Join this course to learn about Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga 

    1. Diet and Nutrition

    Ayurvedic wisdom also preaches that diet plays a significant role in the health of your skin. It is suggested that dry skin is caused because of consumption of dry, bitter, and spicy food or keeping irregular eating habits. Apart from this, you should avoid eating stale/fired foods at all costs. Learn to choose fresh and homemade food, always. We also recommend consuming sour and salty food items, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and dairy products that will help balance Vata. Remember to eat food while it is still warm and stay hydrated! 

    So, there you have it, five steps to amazing skin. Remember if your dry skin is a result of an imbalance in your body, then it might take a bit longer for your body to correct this. But, by using these steps you should expect amazing results in no time.  

    Looking for a full skincare routine? Check out Ajara’s 5-Step Daily Face Care Kit for Dry, Mature, Vata Skin. 

    Or, if you were on the lookout for something that would help manage dry skin but for your body, try iYURA Balaayah Black-Gram Body Booster, the ultimate ultra-rich moisturizing body oil enriched with black gram, known as the ‘utter nourisher’ for its immensely unctuous nature.  

    This pure, traditional vegan body oil also contains the goodness of other Ayurvedic ingredients like velvet bean and nutsedge in a smooth formulation, that helps manage rough skin that appears scaly, ‘crepey’ or coarse. Balaayah provides you with a rich, balm-like experience that makes your everyday skin routine something you can’t wait for! 


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