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  • The Ayurvedic KEY To Managing Autoimmune Disorders

    The Ayurvedic KEY To Managing Autoimmune Disorders

    The Ayurveda Experience October 27, 2017

    Including… Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease, Eczema And Psoriasis.

    You may be surprised to learn that the concept which makes Ayurvedic healing so effective is one followed by each and every path-breaking inventor and successful business in the world.

    That powerful concept is Root Cause Analysis. Ayurveda believes that to solve a problem, you first have to dig deep to reach its root cause. Find the KEY that unlocks the puzzle.

    Otherwise you will be stuck forever fighting with cyclical symptoms that return again and again. This is like calling firefighters each time a fire breaks out in an old building. Without getting to the root cause, the condition doesn’t heal.

    Ancient, wise and holistic Ayurveda neatly sidesteps all these reactive steps to circle back and prevent that blaze from igniting in the first place!

    Energetics tell us our gut chakra is the seat of our strength, power and feeling – the very core of our being. That is why a “gut instinct” always feels right!

    Ayurveda discovered early on, a fact which modern medicine has begun to understand only recently, that healing the gut or the gastrointestinal tract, corresponding to the gut chakra or the solar plexus, is the single biggest factor that will bring the rest of your being into harmony and balance.

    And we aren’t just talking about healing easy-to-manage conditions. Even your stubborn, chronic disorders such as thyroid problems, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis and frustrating skin conditions can be managed if we heal an imbalanced or “leaky” gut.

    What’s a leaky gut?

    Even modern allopathic medicine now agrees your gut is your BIGGEST immune system organ.

    When your digestive system works well, it metabolizes food and sends waste out of the body, keeping your immunity levels high. But in a permeable intestinal syndrome or leaky gut, undigested food or toxins, which Ayurveda calls ‘Ama’, begins to leak out of the gastrointestinal tract and enter the bloodstream. When these toxins start settling into particular organs, they disrupt that organ’s, and the entire body’s, normal functioning, leading to disease!

    Since the gut is so important, healing it requires a systemic overhaul.

    Holistic, organic and with its 360-degree view of our physiology, Ayurveda tells us how to heal our digestive tract through incorporating customized lifestyle changes at every level for every unique biology or mind-body type.

    True healing takes into account every aspect of your being and every lifestyle factor to rewire the very physiological pathways along which disorders develop. It reverses pathogenesis – or progression of disease – in its most nascent stages to achieve your body’s optimal, energetic, balanced potential. Isn’t that a powerful model of hope for every person?


    It would feel WHOLE, HARMONIOUS AND RESTORED like it does for Robert Tompkins, a software engineer.

    Robert Tompkins, Software Engineer

    • At 63, Robert feels youthful and energetic
    • He is driven to live life to the fullest and perform his strenuous job and his yoga practice with balance
    • He feels synergized in body and mind
    • He is suffused with that irreplaceable feeling of well-being
    • He feels that life is a gift

    A year ago, Robert found himself struggling to…

    • Hold a knife
    • Tie his shoelaces
    • Get out of his car to get to work
    • He felt 100 years old.
    • He suffered from stiff joints, anxiety and pain
    • Doctors had diagnosed him with Rheumatoid Arthritis and put him on heavy pills and shots.

    On a recommendation, Robert decided to consult renowned Integrative Medicine specialist Dr. Akil Palanisamy. Dr. Akil designed an Ayurvedic healing program for Robert to follow, in conjunction with his allopathic treatment. In Robert’s own words, the program “turned his life around.”

    During the program, Robert began to notice improvement in his condition and overall well-being, to the extent that, when he went back to the rheumatologist, the specialist was shocked to see the regression of disease. He greatly reduced the initial dosage he had prescribed Robert.

    Most importantly, Robert feels filled with hope to take on the challenges of life in his coming years.

    “There is no trade-off to how good I feel. When you think of how much you otherwise pay for healing such diseases, you realize Ayurveda is a gift. I would highly recommend Ayurveda to everyone. ” Robert Tompkins


    Ayurveda is a 5000-year old science with a revolutionary, modern perspective: it sees you as a whole, not a sum of your labelled parts. It wants to HEAL YOUR BODY, NOT JUST A DISEASE. Ayurveda dissects root causes, rather than pushing the brake pedal of drugs to mum the symptoms.

    But learning WHY pathogenesis happens or why cellular communication breaks down is just one piece of the puzzle. The other is to change lifestyle and behaviors so that the very pathways along which disease progresses are rewired.

    To help you adopt these radical and paradigm-shifting changes in your life, The Ayurveda Experience brings you…

    Ayurveda And Autoimmunde Diseases

    Through this program, you will gain a whole new perspective on wellness, learn the six stages through which any disease progresses in the body and how to catch disease at a very early stage, even before symptoms become apparent so that you move through life with evolving energy, balance and bliss.

    You will learn about the many practices and changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle to feel, act and even look better. You will learn the detailed, comprehensive step-by-step management of five very common autoimmune disorders using Ayurvedic and yogic practices.

    Not only that, this program is an eye-opening and intensive crash course in human physiology itself, because it has been authored by none other than Dr Akil Palanisamy, the same doctor who designed Robert’s powerful healing journey which you just read about.

    The simplest way to describe an autoimmune disease is that it occurs when the body’s immune system starts attacking a particular organ, causing it to malfunction. Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome are all auto-immune diseases. If we take type 1 Diabetes as an example, here the immune system is activated to destroy the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, leading to insulin deficit and the body’s inability to digest sugar. Similarly, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system starts attacking the small joints of the hand, such as the wrist and the knuckles, leading to stiffness, joint pain and decreased flexibility.

    If you google any of these conditions right now and visit conventional medical sites, you will see a disclaimer on each that these autoimmune disorders have no cure. 

    But the great news for us is we don’t need to restrict ourselves only to a conventional allopathic approach!


    Dr. Akil does not focus on suppressing symptoms of disease, which Western medicine often does, but on fixing the root cause of disease. 

    We are used to viewing wellness through the lens of symptom and treatment – we fall sick, we consume pills. But Ayurvedic and yogic sciences treat wellness as a way of life that transcends boundaries of the soul and mind, putting the entire machinery of your being into working rhythm, whether you show symptoms or not. Unlike the medicine most of us have grown up with, Ayurveda is proactive, not reactive. 

    And this brings us to another, very important question.

    Western medicine tells us there is no cure for autoimmune disease, that these are life-long conditions which will degenerate over time.


    Dr Akil’s famous gas pedal analogy helps us answer this question. Think of the body as a car, with the immune system controlled by the gas pedal and the brake. Autoimmune disease occurs when the gas pedal is pressed all the way down to the floor and the immune system is out-of-control.

    Western medications like steroids and methotrexate suppress the immune system by slamming on the brakes. But the gas pedal is still pressed, meaning that the underlying disease process is still active. 

    And this means that the disease resurfaces when you stop the medicines.

    The Ayurvedic approach on the other hand, takes the foot off the gas pedal by removing the triggers for autoimmune activity.

    This gives us an entirely new and exciting way of looking at how disease progresses and can be reversed. Learn more about Autoimmune Disease from Dr. Akil Palanisamy. Click here!

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