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  • The Annamaya Kosha + A Sacred Shield

    The Annamaya Kosha + A Sacred Shield

    The Ayurveda Experience October 27, 2017

    The Annamaya Kosha is not the body but is the Auric Sheath that is closest to the body, typically about three inches away from the body. Anna means food. So this layer of the aura is affected by the food we consume, but it is also the layer of the aura that often holds trauma from this and past lives.

    In order to heal or keep this layer of the body healthy, wholesome food is important. In addition to that though, it is important to take time to release stress and trauma from this layer too.

    Marma Therapy

    The science of Marma therapy is very helpful in releasing trauma from this and past lives.  In order to release trauma as it occurs there are a few important points that can be massaged daily.

    The third eye is a very important Marma point.  When it is massaged, the sympathetic nervous system is relaxed.  There are many more points that can be massaged to help release specific emotions from the body, but the third eye is almost like a master point that can help release stress, trauma, anxiety and fear so that they are not carried into future lives.

    Self Care With Abhyanga And More

    Caring for our physical body with exercise, abhyanga (self oil massage), pressure point massage and the consumption of organic, healthy food can help keep the aura healthy and full of vitality. This health and vitality enables us to recover from and release trauma so that we can reduce the karma that we carry forward into our next lives.

    The body is truly the temple of our soul while we are embodied so good spiritual health begins with love and care for our physical body.  Many spiritual people deny their body of love.

    Many times, people have a pattern of abusing their body with poor eating habits, too much or too little exercise or simple denial of love to the body. It is so important to remember to love your temple. Love your vessel. Adorn your body with beautiful garments. Massage yourself with healing oils. Anoint yourself with essential oils. Dance, sing and love with your sacred temple. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you will surely make in this human experience and touch your body while chanting loving affirmations.

    Fortify The Annamaya Kosha With Sacred Shielding

    The practice of kavacham or sacred shielding is a great way to fortify the Annamaya kosha and enhance deep self love.  This can be done as an elaborate process with specific mudras and mantras, but it can also be performed in a simple way.



    Kavacham: Create A Sacred Shield

    • Create a beautiful anointing oil with olive oil and your favorite essential oils.
    • With your finger or a flower petal, place this sacred oil on your forehead, shoulders, heart, chakra centres and thighs.
    • While anointing yourself you can chant your favorite mantras, or chant an affirmation.
    • Chant ‘I love myself, I love my sacred vessel, I anoint myself and call upon my guides to keep me in the space of deep love and joy’.
    • Visualize that you have a beautiful shield of love and protection around you that keeps out untruth.

    Performing this anointing each day after your shower will help you fall deeply in love with yourself. When you love yourself you will be more aware of your actions and reduce the amount of negative karma you create in this life and cleanse past negative karma.

    May you be surrounded by light, in love with yourself and a vessel of compassion to all beings!

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