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    Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The Ayurveda Experience October 21, 2016

    There is a refreshing quality to the air these days, a longer slant to the afternoon light as the sun quickens the day’s end. There’s a quiet tranquility in town as children start back to school. All of it makes me want to root, roast, and bake.

    Since starting back to school means going off to college for my son, I thought I’d bake a batch of healthy, teen-approved cookies and send them off in a care package.

    Not only are these chocolate chip cookies healthy – full of fiber, protein, anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and spices to boost digestion while reducing blood sugar. They’re also quick and easy to make. If you have all your ingredients on hand, the batter comes together in about 10 minutes. As it’s all mixed in the blender so cleanup is easy.

    And these chocolate chip cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free and processed sugar-free. So really they are good for anyone.

    Maybe I should call them a muffin cookie – Muffie? Muffkie? They do come out a bit fuller and more textured than a flat, crisp cookie as so many have come to love.  So think of it is a luxurious breakfast or a healthy snack, and then I think your tongue will get the point and fall in love.

    One last note: I definitely add the pecans and coconut flakes. It really makes a difference in taste. However, as so many people are allergic to nuts, I wrote it in as an option. I would not consider it optional if you do not have nut allergies.

    Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies


    • 1 c almond milk
    • 2 T lemon juice
    • 8-10 dates, soaked
    • 1 apple, cored
    • 1 c almond meal
    • 1/2 c almond butter
    • 3-4 T coconut oil (or ghee)
    • 1 T flaxseed meal
    • 1 t psyllium husk
    • 1 t vanilla
    • 1 t cinnamon
    • 1/2 t cardamom
    • 1/2 t baking powder
    • 1/4 t pink salt
    • 1 c, or the whole bag, semi-sweet chocolate chips
    • optional: 1 c pecans, 1/2 c raw pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, raisins


    1. Mix the almond milk and lemon juice together in a small bowl and set aside for 10 minutes, allowing it to clabber.
    2. Set the over to 350F.
    3. Mash the dates in an electric blender. Add the rest of the ingredients, except the chocolate chips and optionals, and blend until well mixed.
    4. Toss in the chips, and optionally nuts, seeds, coconut and/or raisins.
    5. Pulse gently to lightly mix. Pulse enough to break up the nuts and some of the chips so some of the chocolate mixes into the batter. Don’t pulse too much that you lose the integrity of all the chips.
    6. Spread a piece of parchment paper out onto a large baking tray. Using a spoon, scoop the batter into individual cookies on the parchment. The cookies will mostly hold the shape you set, so shape or flatten if you like.
    7. Place the baking tray on the middle rack of your oven and bake until the aroma beckons you, usually about 15 minutes.

    Want to make even healthier chocolate chip cookies?Add half a teaspoon of turmeric and turn them orange.

    Want to make them crispier? Add ghee instead of coconut oil, increase the amount to 2 T, and cook a little longer.

    Want to make them sweeter without compromising health?Add two more dates, or another tablespoon of maple syrup.

    Want to make them even more delectable?Melt a bar of very dark chocolate in a small saucepan. Add a small pinch of cardamom or cinnamon, and a tiny drizzle of maple syrup, then pour it over each cookie as a kind of icing. It’s sumptuous!

    Please tell me how you like these cookies, and if you do like them, I’d be honored if you’d share. Post your photos with #myfoodlovestory so we all can see and enjoy. When I see your photos of food-alovestory recipes it makes me feel like we are all in the kitchen together enjoying our “mother’s” love.


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