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Five Tips to Detox and Rejuvenate Before, During and After the Holidays

Five Tips to Detox and Rejuvenate Before, During and After the Holidays

The Ayurveda Experience December 14, 2017

Holidays are a great time to enjoy with family and friends. Yet in modern days it becomes a ‘sickness season’ due to overindulgence, lack of sleep and stress of hosting.

Here are my simple five tips to keep you healthy and rejuvenated.

1. Start your day with coconut oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic trick to detoxify.

Right after you wake up, swish in the mouth and between the teeth one tablespoon of coconut oil for five to ten minutes. Spit out in the waste basket. It will help remove the bacteria and plaque from the mouth. It will also keep your gums healthy and your teeth ‘smile ready’ shiny for your guests. Brush your teeth after the oil pulling.

2. Drink warm lemon water after oil pulling and brushing.

You can continue drinking warm lemon water throughout the day if desired.

3. Add beetroots and asparagus to your diet.

Both help flush toxins from the body. Adding them to your holiday menu will help you and your guests stay healthy.

4. Take a media break and spend time with your family + friends instead.

Our senses are bombarded with various media gadgets. Holidays are a great time to shut off your computers, TVs and screens and interact positively with fellow human beings. Try it at least for one or two days during or after the holidays.

5. Try to maintain a regular sleep routine and end your day with warm almond milk with saffron.

During the holidays, we tend to sleep late and wake up late. While it’s okay for a couple of days, it throws our body’s rhythm off balance if continued for a week or so. Try to stick to the routine or get back to it as much and as soon as possible. A warm cup of almond milk with saffron may help you sleep better.

Wish you all a very happy and enjoyable holidays. May the holidays be Holy Days for you all!


Notes: Oil pulling should be done with caution during pregnancy. If you have any concerns about oil pulling, do it for a shorter time. If you are allergic to almonds, switch to regular milk or coconut milk and drink warm with saffron.


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