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  • An Exercise In Creating Abundance

    An Exercise In Creating Abundance

    The Ayurveda Experience December 12, 2016

    Have you ever wished you had ten hands so you could get your to-do list done faster? Have you ever said to yourself, there must be an easier way?

    Well, there is. There’s Avahana or invocation.  Avahana literally means ‘without a vehicle’.  So, avahana is to invite your guides to appear in front of you. Where do they come from? Your own heart!

    When you call your guides daily, you build a connection from your heart chakra to your crown and from your crown to source.

    Once you are connected, you can tell your guides what your intention is.

    Sankalpa means intention setting or co-creating in Sanskrit.  This means that once you have called your guides you are in their presence. You can tell them your plans and ask them for guidance.

    When you have this strong connection to source you are able to tap into the abundance of the universe and get things moving in the direction you want.

    Sometimes, the direction takes a path that you would not expect or think of. This is because when you are connecting into guidance that is higher, there is a bigger perspective that you are tapping into. It’s like looking at a map. You have the view from above, so you can see the short cuts.

    The big thing for you to develop when you work with invocation and intention is trust.

    You need to be able to take steps and leaps of faith and trust your intuition when you are shown the way. Gradually, as you practice taking a leap of faith, it becomes second nature. Slowly but surely you attune your consciousness to this higher way of thinking and begin to see shortcuts on your own!

    The art of invocation is ancient and is still practiced today.  You can set your plans for the day or month or even year. Before a big ceremony, the reason for the ceremony is always stated to the guides, and their assistance is requested in completing the goals.

    Here is a simple process you can use to connect to source and then set your intentions. Begin by sitting with your spine erect and hips open. This will help source energy connect to your crown and flow down into your heart.

    Sit with your hands in front of your chest in prayer position. Tap the centre of your chest.

    Remember something really beautiful that happened to you and smile at your heart from this place of happiness.  You will notice a reaction from your heart. It might feel like your chest is getting warm, expanding or you might begin to smile and tingle.

    Now tap your crown at the top of your head.

    Imagine something beautiful again – a really happy moment of your life and send that feeling to your crow. You will notice a response at the top of your head.

    Now raise your hands in prayer as high as you can and imagine that you are connecting to light far above your head.

    Imagine that this light flows into the top of your head and all the way down to the earth.

    Imagine that this light opens your heart and all of your other chakras.

    Once you are in this state of communion, tell the universe what you want. Then say – I know this is true and show me!


    This closing statement, “I know this is true”clears any obstacles like fear and limiting beliefs that may hinder you in achieving your goal. The words “show me” invites spirits to show you the steps to take and show you that you are already sitting in the space of completion. You already have what you are working to attain!

    This is a big aspect of manifesting.

    You have to know that you already have exactly all you need.

    When you are in the space of contentment and gratitude the universe keeps giving you more.

    Just like if somebody thanks you for doing something nice, you feel like giving more. Gratitude is linked to abundance. The words “thank you” are the portal to receiving more!

    If you would like to learn more about how to use the Art of intention setting, invocation and sacred ceremony to fill your life with abundance you may enjoy my new 6 week course: Create Your Best Year Yet!


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