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What Causes Constipation? (Energy Feed #13)

What Causes Constipation? (Energy Feed #13)

The Ayurveda Experience December 08, 2016

Pooping: it’s one of the body’s most important indicators of health.

Not pooping (or not pooping regularly or satisfyingly): it’s one of the body’s most important indicators of un-health.

Constipation is a common problem these days. Ayurvedically speaking, that’s often because there is such a great vata imbalance in our modern culture.

What is Vata?

Vata is wind in space. And wind whipping around in space is cold and drying. It fills up all the spaces in the body, creating cold, dry, rough conditions when there isn’t a healthy balance of warmth and lubrication to offset it.

This vata also happens to be born in the colon, so your bowel movements are a key signal to whether or not vata has gone out of whack in your system.  If your colon has become cold, dry and rough inside, you’ll know it, because your stool likewise comes out hard, small, painful…or not at all.

Find out more about your constipation in this short “Energy Feed” below.

Also stay tuned, because in the next “Energy Feeds” episode, you’ll find out how to relieve that constipation.


3 Reasons We Struggle to Improve Our Health:

1) We don’t get specific about what we want.

2) We don’t uncover the obstacles that sabotage our success.

3) We don’t get the support we need to change.




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