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    What’s Your Type Of Tea?

    The Ayurveda Experience March 27, 2016

    The best type of tea for you is one that’s best for your body type. Don’t know your body type? Take our simple quiz and find out now! Then check below for the type of tea best suited to you.

    A Calming Type Of Tea?

    If you are Vata type, you’ll experience anxiety during PMS. A good type of tea for you would include chamomile, rose, and/or fresh ginger.

    These are going to pacify Vata dosha. Chamomile is considered a nervine and rose is a cooling and sweet nervine. Both bring relaxation to the body and mind. Rose is going to help you have a better relationship with yourself. It goes to the heart center and freshens up and warms up the body.  

    A Cooling Type Of Tea?

    If you are more Pitta driven you may find that your PMS results in anger. Everything is frustration. Everything is getting in your way and nothing is working right. You also need a cup of tea and some time in nature.

    Pitta type of tea should include herbs like gotu kola, skull cap, rose and cardamom. The gotu kola and the skull cap are a cooling tea. They cool the nervous system but they are also cooling for the liver.

    When you make yourself this cup of tea, make sure you sit somewhere near nature to fully consume and experience it with all your five senses. Smell the tea, taste the tea, listen to the sounds of nature around you and listen to your own heartbeat.

    If you are a pitta woman with PMS you are probably a superwoman. You are very successful at work, you are organized at home. You know what you want, you know how to get it. You have to recognize that you are struggling with PMS and the only thing lacking in your priority list each day is self-care.

    A Stimulating Type Of Tea?

    If you are kapha nature your experience of PMS may involve sentimentality and sadness. If you are kapha dosha you may have a completely different experience of PMS. Your challenge is really one driven by stress, it’s driven by inactivity and the sedentary lifestyle

    May be you are longing for things of the past, you are reaching for comfort foods. What your body really needs is exercise. It need you to move. So if you find yourself reaching for that sad movie one more time, stop yourself. Go for a walk, get out there and move as quickly as you can. Get that ‘prana’ moving because that’s what is going to wake you up. That’s what’s going to counter this lethargy that you’ve got with PMS.

    For Kapha, the tea needs to be highly stimulating. You could use tulsi – holy basil / sweet basil as well along with rose and a little bit of cinnamon.

    You make that cup of tea and you sit down with awareness about what you are going to do when the tea is done. You are going to  get up and you are going to go for a walk, you are going to get something done. Physical exercise as well as mental exercise are the best things for countering kapha driven PMS.



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