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  • What’s the Recipe for a Delicious Life?

    What’s the Recipe for a Delicious Life?

    The Ayurveda Experience October 17, 2016

    If you make a big pot of tomato sauce from scratch, do you taste-test it to make sure it’s good? Sure.

    And if it’s not good, you adjust right? Add a little more salt, pepper or garlic. Maybe a smidge of sugar or extra basil. Perhaps it needs oregano! And you putz around adding things and testing until you have your pot o’sauce exactly how you like it!

    You might write it down as a recipe and use it for the future.

    For those pittas who will write to me because they can’t stand tomatoes: What about a guacamole? Maybe a little more lime or salt is needed to make it taste just how you like it. And tomato-free, of course!

    My point is before you make a large batch of anything, you will test it. If you absolutely love it and look forward to having it again, you might even craft a little recipe.

    The SAME THING relates to your life! You’ve heard of recipes for happiness, so how about a recipe for life! Your recipe for life, that is, because everybody is different, ya know.

    In Ayurveda, we try things—a dash of this, a dabble of that—but the base (like the tomatoes or avocados) should stay the same, which is the daily routine and balancing our dosha(s). Added “ingredients” are various ways to exercise, all kinds of food choices, and ways to manage our stress.

    When we put together ingredients that work for us, we feel it! So maybe we add our favorite exercise, our go-to meals and daily meditation to our life’s recipe. We know that when we do those things, we will feel awesome.

    Conversely we might test some things out that might not work for our happy life recipe—like, “Do red peppers really give me heartburn? Lemme try and see…Yes, yes, they do give me heartburn.” But with every miss, there is a learning behind it.

    So don’t be afraid to test things out as you craft your recipe. This is life-long learning! Try some things and if they suit you, write it down so you remember!

    My book, In Your Elements, is FULL of stuff you can refer back to. It helps you craft your life and build your recipe for healing and happiness.

    Do any of you have a “go-to” life recipe that you use?

    I’ll share mine. Here it is: morning walk/jog before sunrise, meditation on the bus, light yoga in the evening, write gratitude list before bed.

    If I miss any of those things daily, I feel a bit off. If I miss those things for a week, I feel very off. If I miss those things for a month (it has happened), I feel completely out of my skin, I am easily irritable, I cry a lot and feel overall sadness.

    The beauty is, I know exactly how to get out of it: the recipe!

    Now YOUR TURN! Tell us some stories about what’s in YOUR recipe of life!

    You go! I’ll hang out while you do compile your list… xoxo


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