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How to Fall Asleep at Night (Energy Feed #4)

How to Fall Asleep at Night (Energy Feed #4)

The Ayurveda Experience October 18, 2016

Okay, so now you know (from last week’s Energy Feed) how to sleep better through the night.

But what if you’re having trouble falling asleep in the first place?

Following a gentle evening routine is key to priming your body for sleepiness and easily falling asleep each night.

This DOES NOT have to be an ornate routine.  Having a simple routine that you follow each night will—usually within a few nights of doing it—begin to cue your body for sleep.

In this Energy Feed I describe a simple bedtime routine that anyone can do and that will help you fall asleep more easily and more deeply every night by helping you sync up with your own natural biorhythms again.

A Simple but Effective Bedtime Routine

[00:50] One hour before bed: Dim the lights… [01:25] And turn off the screens… [02:05] Then have some cuddle time… [02:55] 20 minutes before: Brush and floss your teeth… [03:15] 15 minutes before: Foot massage… [03:50] 5 minutes before bed: Sleep, deep nasal breathing…


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