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The Core Philosophy of Holistic Medicine

The Core Philosophy of Holistic Medicine

The Ayurveda Experience January 02, 2016

Holistic Medicine is dedicated to care of the human being as a‘whole: body-mind-spirit’.It enables care of all the ailments of an individual concurrently. Its philosophy can be explained in three parts:

Every physician should be sensitive to the needs of each human being as a ‘whole’, and not its parts as practised in modern medicine, in consonance withCharaka Samhitadescription of the human:“Life is the combination of the body, the senses, the mind and the atma: they cannot be separated from each other, and from this integration ensues ‘ayush‘.”

No one system of medicine is perfect as each system of medicine has its strengths and inherent weaknesses. Holistic Medicine = Modern Medicine + Traditional Medicine

According to WHO, there should be an integration of all the systems of health and medicine because each system has its strength. For example: Allopathy is extremely efficient in emergency medicine; for surgery and in case of trauma. In modern diagnostics it’s very valuable as it saves life but it never really cures any disease.

Therefore, there is a need to draw from the strengths of the various recognised systems of medicine and integrate them to overcome their respective deficiencies to offer the best practices of all the systems, without any conflict and to complement each other for an accessible, affordable, reproducible and efficient care of health.

This model of healthcare should be able to cure all, especially, the conventionally incurable diseases as quickly as possible.  We know that most of the medical interventions and drugs have their inseparable hazards in the form of side-effects and/or long term toxicity. Therefore, we should aim at formulating a health care delivery concept that does not depend on external or ‘allo’ assistance, but is able to regulate‘milieu interior‘ to promote inherent natural healing in each individual to overcome sickness and restore positive health and total wellness: body, mind & spirit.


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