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Take Care of your Hair Naturally: Inside and Outside

Take Care of your Hair Naturally: Inside and Outside

The Ayurveda Experience September 23, 2015

AYURVEDA teaches us to care for our Hair both inside and outside.

Hair is a by-product of our bones, and healthy bones depend on healthy fat tissue

We need to care for our both our bones and our fat tissue to have that luxurious hair we crave. Using healthy fats, such as olive oil and ghee (clarified butter) in cooking helps. It also helps to eat sweet, juicy fruits and leafy greens, while avoiding processed and packaged foods, refined sugars, and fried foods. A good night’s sleep is of benefit to body, mind, and spirit, and will reflect in our entire physiology, including our hair!

To care for our hair on the outside, we need to use gentle shampoo and conditioners with natural ingredients like plant extracts that nourish the hair and provide moisture and balance to it while getting it clean. We can also massage the hair and scalp, once a week, with warm oil. It keeps our hair looking good, and it feels great!

So in order to have healthy hair, we need to maintain proper nutrition for Healthy bones. If calcium and magnesium are not completely absorbed by our bones, we’ll se it in our hair as split ends, hair that breaks easily, or even hair that falls out. Dairy products are a good source of calcium and magnesium, but many of us are either vegan or lactose intolerant. Luckily there are many alternatives: daikon, coconut, cooked apples, and cabbage. Sesame seeds are packed with calcium and magnesium – sprinkle some on your breakfast cereal, on your toast, or in your salad at dinner. A gentle scalp massage with sesame oil is also beneficial because it improves circulation at the root of the hair.

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