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Stage of Life: PITTA

Stage of Life: PITTA

The Ayurveda Experience September 24, 2015

The Yauvan (Youth) – avastha – This stage of life is dominated by PITTA. In olden days, this was the time when one would start earning out of the knowledge gathered through education, get married and start family life.

From the Ayurvedic viewpoint, the person entering this stage of life shows some features of outgoing Kapha and more features of incoming Pitta. The little Kapha that remains at this stage gives bulk and strength to musculature in Vata & Pitta constitutions (remember the person’s prakruti, or personal dosha, controls physiology, anatomy and behaviour in the background). The lingering Kapha influence at this stage in life may make people with a Kapha constitution prone to obesity. So Kaphas have to be especially careful regarding the food choices they make. The Pitta influence during this time in life makes a person become more ambitious, competitive, intelligent, cynical, assertive & responsible. The major focus is on career and money and on accumulation of means of comfort and luxury. A typical Pitta behaviour.

Problems like acne, acidity, anger, and infections, all Pitta dominated disorders, may be seen. But Pitta ensures a good digestive power and hence the youth stage is bestowed with a high dynamism and a comparatively disease free period. The person is able to digest any sort of food. However, wrong food choices overburden the system and ultimately the body’s immune system may weaken allowing for disease. Alcohol and tobacco abuse are Pitta aggravating habits and have to be restrained. Overindulgence in sex (as sexual desire also increases) also leads to Vata aggravation and diseases. Anxiety and depression (thought to be vata disorders) are very common in this age group these days. So, indulging in calming activities like meditation, Yoga, and swimming for example are very beneficial.

The philosophy of giving attention to your actions, rather than the results, saves us from unnecessary anxiety about the future. Nevertheless youth is the time when the physical and mental capacities are at their prime. There is enthusiasm, courage, adventurism & intensity. So this stage is called appropriately the Grahstha ashram or the Stage of family life. A well balanced diet and lifestyle with special attention to a pitta pacifying diet and lifestyle ensures health and prosperity.


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