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  • My Daily Routine: Elyse Wilkie

    My Daily Routine: Elyse Wilkie

    The Ayurveda Experience January 16, 2015

    Ayurvedic Health Counselor Elyse Wilkie is passionate about helping families, kids and communities grow with Ayurveda and botany.

    Elyse lives in Providence, RI where there’s a big community garden initiative and a great natural market coop.

    Her business, Anahata Ayurveda & Yoga At Home brings Ayurveda treatments, cooking classes and consults to your living room. With a Bachelor’s in Events Management she wants to create customized events for families and groups interested in learning Ayurveda and yoga.

    You may find her offering classes on the lovely Thames Street in Newport, RI at Long Time Sun Apparel, a yoga boutique by day, studio by night.

    Elyse Wilkie

    We asked Elyse what Ayurveda habits she does every day, without fail.

    1. Warm water in the morning.

    Not only does it feel good on a chilly morning, drinking a glass of warm water upon arising assists ‘digestion, gets the enzymes pumping, and clears out the GI tract’.

    2. Scraping the tongue.

    Because different parts of the tongue are associated with different organs, giving it a scrape with a tongue cleaner stimulates the organ functions, clears out any ama that’s built up overnight, and gets the bacteria out.

    3. Daily Asana.

    Getting the body moving and flowing for the day is the goal. In the winter especially, a daily asana practice helps generate heat in the body. Perfect for this vata girl.

    4. A quick abhyanga {We LOVE this idea!}

    In winter, abhyanga (self-massage) is especially luxurious. It’s also wonderful in summer.

    Elyse’s tip: get a mini crock pot to warm that oil 20 minutes before your self-treatment.

    5. Breath watching.

    Wise woman. Elyse says she watches the breath to make sure ‘time doesn’t go by too quickly’. Acknowledge every moment. It’s all we really have.

    Photos: Elyse Wilkie
    Ayurveda Next Door receives affiliate commission from Banyan Botanicals.



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