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  • How to Use the Primordial Sounds of the Chakras for Healing

    How to Use the Primordial Sounds of the Chakras for Healing

    The Ayurveda Experience January 16, 2017

    Just because we cannot see the wind does not mean it is not there. – Ken Wilber

    It's divine by design, and so are you and I.

    Ayurvedic texts convey that the ‘source’ was pure consciousness or ‘Prakruti’ which had the will to manifest himself through the vibrational intention of primordial sound, mantra and language. The fundamental law of vibration states that everything in the universe is in a flux of vibration or resonance.

    Everything in existence–whether it is solid, liquid or gas–is made up of light and energy, which are constantly moving and vibrating. This synergy between ‘intent or will’ and vibration is the bridge between ‘Matter’ and ‘Spirit.’

    Prakruti is associated with the first two chakra’s that are not on this ‘earth,’ though are antecedents of the five elements, five senses and five chakras.

    Aum is the one eternal primordial syllable of which all that exists and has ever existed. – Mandukya Upanishad

    The characteristics associated with the divine mind are related to the 7th chakra (crown), which are bliss, grace, beauty, serenity and universal oneness.

    • Vowel ‘Eee’
    • Mantra ‘Aum’

    ‘Prakruti had the desire to create, this is seen as a product of the 6th chakra (third eye), characterized by imagination, creation, intuition, rational thought, union of the left and right hemispheres.

    • Vowel ‘Aye’
    • Mantra ‘Aum’

    From the intention of divine creation, stemming from the top two chakras followed a vibrational energy, thus creating aspects of the physical world. With each vibration aligning itself with our chakras, senses, and elements and also with a specific ‘Primordial sound/Mantra/Vibration’.

    5th chakra (Throat)

    • Element – Ether/Space, (The ‘Vibration/Words’ of desire which through movement of space created ‘Air’)
    • Vowel ‘Eye’
    • Mantra “HAM”
    • Sense – Hearing – Communication, Physical expression of creativity)

    We need our ears to enable speech (vibration), if there is any blockage in the ears or fluid build up, this can inhibit the speech function. Thus the reason deaf people have the inability to speak fluently as the equilibrium is distorted in the ear.

    4th chakra (Heart)

    • Element- Air (The birth of Oxygen, movement and friction)
    • Vowel – Ah
    • Mantra – “YAM”
    • Sense- touch, compassion and unity

    The loving touch or hug can be given as an indication of support, comfort, and consolation, particularly where ‘words’ are insufficient. A hug is usually a demonstration of affection and emotional warmth; this show of affection can bring someone into our space and make them feel a ‘human’ connection and belonging.

    3rd chakra (Solar plexus)

    • Element- Fire (From the movement and friction of air this created ‘fire’. As this heated the air then condensed, it turned into water)
    • Vowel – Oh
    • Mantra – “RAM”
    • Sense – Sight (Personal power and will)

    This gave us the ability to see and perceive light and dark.

    2nd chakra (Navel)

    • Element- Water (This would have given life to biology. Binding with the warmth from the previous element this brought life and governs the kinds of organisms that can live in rivers and lakes. Fish, insects, zooplankton, phytoplankton, and other aquatic species).
    • Vowel – OOO
    • Mantra – “VAM”
    • Sense – Taste, (personal power and will)

    We quite literally had a ‘taste’ for life and started to see our role in the physical world

    1st chakra (Root)

    • Element- Earth
    • Vowel – Uh
    • Mantra – “LAM”
    • Sense – Smell (Tribal/family, vitality)

    The final stage gave us the ability to procreate and brings it all together, this last stage would have governed the ability to smell pheromones and food. The Highest sense we have is the sense of smell; aromatherapy uses plants, which embody the highest frequency (link to Ayurveda our saviour) with relation to being closet to the source or ‘light’ with the highest potential of the plants world ‘pollen’. This chakra is also the seat of ‘Kundalini’, which rises from the earth and up to the heavens.

    Words are quite absurd.

    In the beginning was the word, this was all that could be heard across the universe. – Siddha Somanomah

    These aspects formulate the basis of creation through energetic resonance. We as a species manifest our intentions or thoughts; through the vehicle of speech. Our words have the ability to bring these ‘thought patterns’ into this world from nowhere, this may possibly be the most powerful apparatus humankind has to offer. Words are tools and have the power to create or destroy, enlighten or harm and of course they have the power to heal.

    For instance, within our language of words are vowels and consonants. Vowels (eee-aye-eye-ah-oh-ooo-uh) bring harmony into the body by removing dissonance. While consonants localize energy in a specific area (t-h-s-f-v-sh-ch-th). For example ‘E’ being the Primordial sound of the 7th crown chakra can be found in a simple sentence like- be, dream, breath; perceive, achieve peace; release, repeat.

    Being mindful of our words is the key to creating harmony or afflicting dissonance.

    During gestation we too learn words from the universe.

    With respect to us as species we create and shape with words, art and of course ‘conception’.

    Our very first life experience is through sound. In utero we are adrift in our mothers Inner Ocean or amniotic fluid – weightless. We have our eyes closed floating in the dark – unable to perceive light. Week sixteen our ears fully develop, as we are have water against the eardrum but sound travels five times quicker through water making our hearing amplified.

    The orchestration of sound patterns we perceive during this time will be deeply imbedded into our subconscious mind for the rest of our lives. This is our first experience of ‘Primordial sounds’. As with respect too the unfolding creation through the seven stages each one has one of these ‘Primordial sounds’, using these while pregnant can help to remove any dissonance from the physical, spiritual and psychological growth of our infants.

    By eliminating dissonance from our energy field and raising harmonic balance we can bring a new level of creation into our initial level of molecular generation. These can be utilized during pregnancy or with a daily practice.

    The technique for using primordial sounds is really quite simple.

    Just experiment with them all for a few days (eye, ah, oh, ooo, uh).

    One will feel better than the others so please take a sound that feels good for you and apply the following steps.

    Step 1) Once you have acquired your personal sound – find a place you feel warmth and love to move into your own sacred space.

    Step 2) Now you can use the chosen vowel too heal yourself with visualization, intention and mindful manifestation. For instance if you have a liver issue, all you need to do is attach the emotion of healing to this sound. Now just simply by using intention, attach the feeling of healing while saying (aloud or in your mind) the chosen vowel.

    Step 3) Now visualize this sound with healing intent and send it to your liver.


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