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  • Herbal Oils For Marma Massage (Marma Chikitsa)

    Herbal Oils For Marma Massage (Marma Chikitsa)

    The Ayurveda Experience September 13, 2017

    Herbal oils in Marma point massage massage are the best way to treat Marmas. That’s because they combination of massage, oils and herbs creates a more powerful synergistic action.

    Marma point massage with herbal oils (Abhyanga) is deeply relaxing. It harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body. It also improves lymph flow and stimulates the immune system. Simultaneously it calms and strengthens the nervous system. In this way this type of massage acts as a protector, preserver and rejuvenator.

    What Are Marma Points?

    Marma points are special juncture points recognized by ancient Ayurvedic medicine. They are superficial and deeply seated points on the body. They involve the artery (dhamani), vein (sira), bone (asthi), muscle (mamsa), ligament (snayu) and joint (sandhi) where vital energy (prana) resides or flows.1 The herbal oils used in this region can penetrate Marmas, loosen tension, relieve pain and bring nourishment to the skin and muscles.

    Marmas are also considered sensitive areas and should be treated carefully during massage and also in the event of surgery. It has been observed that any trauma at this very point is more threatening or found to be delayed in recovery from injuries.2 Therefore, massage on Marma points should be done carefully and with appropriate and sufficient training. The thumb, which projects the main pranic power of the hand is mainly used in Marma massage.

    What You Should Know

    The duration of massage for Marma points should be at least three to five minutes twice a day. Two important rules should be remembered.

    Clockwise + Counterclockwise Movements

    For toning and strengthening the internal organs, massage should be done in a clockwise direction. This pacifies Vata and Kapha but may stimulate Pitta dosha. Counter clockwise movement helps in detoxification and reduction of excess tissue growth. It soothes Pitta dosha but may stimulate Vata and Kapha dosha. Linear movement balances vata dosha.

    Kansa Wand Massage On Marma Points

    Massage with a Kansa wand on a Marma point is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. To feel better, relieve any discomfort, decrease stress levels, feel more relaxed and have a body that functions more efficiently, Kansa wand massage with herbal oil is the best technique. Plain oils like sesame, coconut, olive and ghee can also be used, especially when herbal oils are not available.

    Selecting the appropriate oil, whether herbal or plain, can have a powerful effect. Use specific herbal oils or plain oils according to the dosha or condition of specific marma points for specific intended effects.

    Herbal Oils For Marma Massage

    We’ll be updating this post with more information in the coming weeks! Bookmark this post to learn more about Herbal Oils for Marma point massage.


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