Heal With A Bath

Heal With A Bath

The Ayurveda Experience January 17, 2016

This Ayurvedic bath and foot salt is Tridoshic – good for all body types. They will bring a sigh of relief when added to your tub or foot bath. This particular bath salts combine Himalayan red salt with essential oils of bay, eucalyptus, and ginger.
Himalayan Red Salt has a number of healing properties:

  • Regulates the water content throughout the body
  • Promotes a healthy PH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells
  • Promotes blood sugar health and reduces the signs of aging
  • Helps in food absorption through the intestinal tract
  • Supports respiratory health and prevents muscle cramps. Promotes bone strength
  • Promotes regular sleep & supports the libido
  • Promotes vascular health, including the regulation of blood pressure

Essential Oil of Bay:

  • Helps to calm VATA
  • Brings circulation to the surface of the skin
  • Eases rheumatic pain
  • Boosts energy and confidence
  • Arouses clarity
  • Supports immune function
  • Stimulates healthy appetite and digestion and
  • Is antiseptic and anti-bacterial

Essential Oil of Eucalyptus:

  • Is helpful to Pitta
  • Is an anti-inflammatory
  • Improves a sense of vitality and freshness
  • Aids mental clarity and concentration
  • Curbs anger and irrational behavior and
  • Eases rheumatic and bronchial conditions

Essential oil of Ginger:

  • Helps to stimulate and remove excess Kapha
  • Relieves fatigue and nervous exhaustion
  • Eases deep aches and pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Builds courage, confidence, and decisiveness
  • Clears confusion
  • Warms the soul and eases loneliness and
  • Builds endurance



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