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Does your dosha affect fertility?

Does your dosha affect fertility?

The Ayurveda Experience February 29, 2016

When dosha gets involved it can interfere with the rasa dhatu formation. The egg is shukra, shukra dhatu is built as the result of healthy dhatu layers all the way down. If the egg is viable and the egg is prepared to be fertilized and to provide for healthy offspring, then we have the good quality shukra. The dosha may interfere with the health of the egg. The quality of the shukra depending on the health of all the layers of dhatu before it.

If the dosha has created imbalance in any of those dhatu layers, fertility may be challenged. Medo dhatu is reflected in the state of the omentum. The omentum is the fatty layer that we have over the abdomen. That fatty covering over the abdomen maintains temperature of the abdominal cavity.

It supports the organs of the abdominal pelvic cavity and if we lack in that layer of fat consumption, the body recognizes that it would not be a good incubator for fertilized egg and stops ovulation. The fatty layer omentum helps support our estrogen levels. When we drop too low in fats, the estrogen levels don’t come up high enough to support the ovulation of an egg.

If your body fat is too low you may experience no ovulation and no menstruation. But if your body fat is too much you may experience what’s called estrogen dominance.



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