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  • DIY Wild Weed Smoothie

    DIY Wild Weed Smoothie

    The Ayurveda Experience September 04, 2016

    A tribute to Mother Earth and receiving intrinsic nourishment…

    Have you taken your own mother for granted? You know, the one who created your body out of her body. Who gave you calcium for your bones from her teeth. Who wiped your butt for years. Who enabled you to survived until you could care for yourself? Maybe, even, who set your feet on the path to Thrive?

    Someone in your life provided this, however uniquely and imperfectly, and it’s time to sit in awe and offer gratitude. Honor thy Mother and you connect to the cosmic force of universal care… the Divine Mother.


    I cannot separate my deep appreciation for the nurturance of my own mother from the deep nourishment of God’s Green Earth.

    We all know humanity has been on a rapid growth/rape/demolish/disturbance of Mother Earth’s topsoil. Some might argue Mother Earth has “had it up to here with us”. “Invasive” weeds are spreading rapidly worldwide, and the same people who came up with the idea to disturb her gentle skin are perpetuating the disturbance by spraying her gems – the “invasive” weeds -with chemicals toxic to soil, water, and life. Interesting “solution”.


    Just like we take our own mother for granted, we take our Earth, for granted. But, when we look at what the Nurturer of All Nurturers is providing….our hearts open with the sheer abundance and our livers are cleansed. Let’s step out of the lens of the Divine Father, the king of “how things should be”. Step into her territory, the queen of cooperation, and “make do with what we’ve got.”


    Let me pass this task to my dear colleague and new friend, Katrina Blair. She is the expert, renegade and community mobilizer on the wild weed front:

    Beloved & blessed – meet Thistle.

    “Wild weeds grow on every continent of the globe next to human civilizations. Their home is planet earth and their niche is disturbed and compact soils. Humans and weeds are a perfect example of a symbiotic relationship. Humans help make the ground “fertile” for these species that grow in disturbed sites. Wherever we live, we disturb the ground and compact the soil. Our survival foods and medicines are soon to follow. They provide a source of protein, abundant vitamins, a rainbow of minerals and enzymes. If we had to live on these permaculture plants alone, we would not only survive but thrive as well. The roots, seeds, fruits and greens are edible in different seasons providing our bodies with abundant nutrition year round. Our human activities encourage the weeds to take hold for only a period of time. Once the land becomes re-fertilized and stable again, these first succession plants (the weeds) will move on to other disturbed soils.

    The dandelions, the mallow weeds, the plantains, the purslane, and yes, even and especially the thistles, are the medicines and foods our society needs right now: liver cleansers, colon scrubbers, chlorophyll, minerals, muscle and tissue toners, bone builders, and organ strengtheners.”

    My daily bread.


    We don’t always like what Mother is serving. I’m sure you can recall a memory or two on that note. But, she is older and wiser and can see what we cannot. She provides for our health and longevity. Mother Earth could be no other way. So, while you might not think of thistle as a choice beverage to start or end your day, you might not know what is best for you. Yet.

    Here is how to start:

    Find where thistle is growing and hasn’t been sprayed with poison. Bring a shovel and gloves. You’re looking for young thistle. Thank the thistle for offering its leaves so that you might live better. Put the shovel where the root becomes the leaves. Take the leaves. The root will generate more.

    Proceed with the dandelion.


    • One small thistle plant (leaves only)
    • Handful of fresh dandelion leaves
    • 3 organic or local apples
    • 3 c. water
    • 1/4 of an organic lemon, de-rinded

    Blend in a high-powered blender. Voila. If you just have a regular blender, blend then strain. Voila.

    I’ve been eating Wild Weeds 3 times a day this month for my Yogidetox. Only 10 days in, I wake up craving thistle. Yes, the crazy prickly one you may owe an apology to.

    And, perhaps more important to my physical thrive, I have deeper understanding of “Mother knows best.” I see her working on my disturbed land. I feel her teaching me how to pay attention, how to cooperate. And she nourishes me in explicit interconnectivity and abundance, as my own mother did.



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