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  • DIY Cleansing, Part Five

    DIY Cleansing, Part Five

    The Ayurveda Experience August 27, 2013

    This five part series explores a ‘Guided Home Cleanse’ with Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor and Panchakarma Specialist Allison Bransfield Morse. Allison runs The Ayurvedic Center of Vermont just outside of Burlington, and offers traditional Panchakarma (PK) on site as well as at a distance. This series explores what’s involved with a home PK, why the guidance of a practitioner is needed, and what the benefits may be. Enjoy, and feel free to join in on the conversation.

    You may set a date to end your cleanse, but it’s important to see that your cleanse doesn’t actually end right on that date. You must slowly transition your diet from kitchari back to your dosha-specific diet. According to Ayurvedic Practitioner Allison Bransfield Morse, if the transition is not done properly, it could do more harm than good.


    So the end of the cleanse goes something like this: you continue with some meals of kitchari and kitchari-like foods while beginning to incorporate other strengthening and easily digestible foods into your diet.

    Allison gives specific instructions on how to do this. Scrambled eggs, if you eat eggs, are a good beginner as they are soft and easy to digest. Fish also fits the bill. It goes through the system quickly. Other options are cooked grains and cooked vegetables. Try oatmeal, rice porridge, amaranth or millet.

    Allison stresses the importance of proper food combining and gives specific guidelines for when to introduce dairy and raw vegetables. Heed the warnings – if you’re eager to get back to your favorite ice cream, you may be headed for some digestive upset. After settling the colon for so long and being so gentle on your digestive system, it will be hard to digest cold, raw, rough and dry foods. So avoid those crackers,  popcorn and french bread initially. Keep your food moist, warm and cooked for some time. Your system will thank you.

    How grateful I was to have Allison as my guide. She set this in my mind so firmly that my cleanse ended smoothly.

    So go easy as you transition. Know that the time you dedicate to this process will not end on the last day. And seek the guidance of  a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner to go through your home PK with ease.

    P.S. We think Allison’s at-home program is pretty fantastic, for so many reasons. Check it out! Your body will thank you!


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