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  • Ayurvedic Tips To Gain Weight Healthily

    Ayurvedic Tips To Gain Weight Healthily

    The Ayurveda Experience June 21, 2017

    To gain weight seems to be as difficult as losing weight for some people. For persons who are under weight and too skinny, gaining weight becomes an impossible task. Now let’s make this difficult task easy with highly effective tips from Ayurveda.

    How To Gain Weight For Vata Body Types

    Vata prakruti individuals (Vata body types) are generally of small body frame. The main reason for this is the increased vata dosha tends to dry up the moisture content and nourishment from their body. Other factors contributing to this condition are parasites in the intestinal tract. Known as Krimi, parasites tend to make the host nutritionally deprived. One with parasites also experiences loss of sleep, depression, over thinking and eating vata aggravating foods (dry, crispy and cold with taste of bitter, pungent and astringent).
    Excessive masturbation can also lead to diminished dhatus (bodily tissues), pathological conditions like asthma, cough, hiccup and other infections.

    1. Exercise And Yoga

    People who are anxious to gain weight must definitely do some form of physical activity. This promotes the appetite and strengthens metabolism.

    2. Water Intake

    When thirsty, be sure to take in enough water. The water should be preferably warm water which promotes digestion. If you wish to gain weight drink water after meals. Tender coconut water and buttermilk, as well as fresh fruit juices can be taken for better results.

    3. Increase Your Digestive Fire

    Persons of vata prakruthi (vata body types) or lean individuals tend to have poor or disturbed appetite. According to Ayurveda they should have foods which are easily digestible and yet nourishing in nature. The best example of this would be soups and porridge. Mutton soup is considered the best food for vata provoked conditions. Porridge made of vegetables and green gram can be a great choice too.

    4. Add Ghee To Your Food

    Ghee has the ability to increase body dhatus or tissues. It also increases the appetite and digestion, while reducing vata. So persons desiring to gain weight must add a teaspoon of ghee to their lunch. One teaspoon of ghee can also be added to a glass of milk and consumed before going to bed.

    5. Add Meat To Your Diet

    In Ayurveda it’s said that you are what you eat. Hence if you eat a lot of flesh you can increase the same. Meat should not be fried or cooked with too much of oil. Instead meat should be cooked in ghee along with spices like black pepper, salt, ginger and garlic.

    6. Add Dry Fruits And Nuts

    Soak figs and dates in milk for a few hours and then enjoy. This will increase weight naturally. Eat 4 to 5 almonds everyday. Foods which are made of ghee, milk and organic sugar served hot would be ideal. Milk puddings made of rice, green gram and even vegetables like carrots and white pumpkins can be made into this type of dessert.

    7. Avoid Stress And Worry

    If you are anxious to gain weight avoid stress and worry. Be relaxed and have sound sleep. Day time sleep promotes speedy weight gain as it increases kapha dosha in the body.

    8. Ashwagandha For Weight Gain

    Ashwagandha is an excellent herb to promote weight gain. Two capsules/tablets or 1/2 teaspoon of ashwagandha can be mixed with a glass of full fat milk and organic sugar. Have this at night. Ashwagandha lehyam, ajamamsa lehyam and other formulations are also used for weight gain.

    9. Ayurvedic Body Treatements

    Ayurveda therapies like Abhyangam (Ayurvedic massage), navarakizhi (a form of sweat-inducing massage) are generally used to promote strength and energy. These can be useful for gaining weight. Shirodhara can be used if the person experiences weight loss due to stress and loss of sleep.


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